Gitte2001 Gets Physical

This is one of those EA forum conversations that could so easily have gone very awry!

gitte2001 gets physical

Well, if we were talking about the Dimblr community, usually the physical attributes favoured is something in excess of the measurements twelve inches or thirty six double D!

Or bigger, if the much missed PoppyB had anything to do with it.

rimshot  ehwhat mare's nest version

gitte2001 gets physical 1

My, what big eyes your Simmies have Kateness!

‘All the better to see sweet succulent grannies with, my dear!’

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest usedrooling-emoticon

Peaches327 decided it was time to get nosey.

gitte2001 gets physical 2

Never download any Disney Simmies then if you hate widdle button nosey woses!

evilgrin  evilgrin

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