Kitty13_x’s Spamming Was A Farce, But Lisasc360 Was Just Being An Arse

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat

Some of you will have noticed that the recent revival in talk about Harry Potter Simmies (doubtless as a result of the worst kept secret in the literary world of J.K. Rowling yet again going back to the series she vowed never, ever, ever to touch again… ho hum…) has saw a certain Kitty13_x plying her trade in response.

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 1

They will also have noticed Lisasc360 moaning about it with the same cut and paste faux why oh why? bitchy response.

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 4


kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 3

… and over…

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 2

… and over again…

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 1

wanker  wanker

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 5

What ‘relevant’ threads, CreamierThanMami? Your ever so hilarious thread about your Simmie going art nouveau in style thanks to bad custom content – oh our aching sides, how original, that’s never happened at all in the last six years of Sims 3.

deadhorse shakehead

What next, an amusing picture of a vegetable you found at the local supermarket that’s shaped like a penis? Jesus appearing on your toast? A shit stain on your underwear that looks exactly like a map of the New York subway?

Okay, Kitty13_x was taking liberties, but at least her post was about something newhad you bothered to check the link:

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 6

Okay, we’ll admit some aren’t all that great, some are, you make the downloads and decide for yourselves, but considering our own attempts to plug the Simming gaps in the Pottersphere aren’t going to win any prizes we’ll always applaud a trier.

(That said, we still think having Neville Longbottom (this was someone else’s Simmie, by the way… erm, we think!) and Draco Malfoy pissed as farts was one of our finer moments!).

kitty_13x and lisasc360's spat 7

We do like her version of Cho Chang, more like we imagined her to be in the books rather than the cuddly film version. Had we not been forced into making one of our own, we’ve have been tempted to use this.

But we digress.

The point is at least Kitty13_x was offering something tangible and fun in her posts. What was Lisasc360 offering, other than her usual, predictable, endless shitstirring?

shakehead  fryingpan

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