Brookesaywhatx And Hermitgirl In Trouble As Blunote00’s Latest Secret Bitch Ditch Is Doxxed

Certain individuals on the EA forum have been moaning that The Mare’s Nest isn’t as ‘exciting’ or ‘juicy’ as it used to be with ‘the scandal’.

Well kiddies, prepare for a worked example of ‘be careful what you wish for – you might just get it (in more ways than one!)’

But before we go on further, let us meet the support act for tonight’s pantomime:

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna

King_Of_Simcity7 is an EA forum member and semi-regular YouTube vlogger who came back for Sims 4 and swiftly regretted it, moving over to Sims 3 and back to building some very ambitious works.

He seems to have picked up a lot of fans for his posts (less so for his vids…) but has a tendency to be a bit of a diva at times – including that great EA forum cliché of the ‘leaving’ post.

Observe the above example.

Three days later…

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 1

wanker  fryingpan

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 2

Translated: attention whore needs his audience.

Two months after this:

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 3

And one month after that:

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 4

Now look, we don’t mind attention whores so long as they provide some sort of positive value to the Simming community. Even jocular bore Hag1TsoTso it could be at least said never hurt anyone. But people making big dramatic exits upset other posts, and do it for the power trip that they can hurt others – even if it is their friends – as much as for the attention.

Not big, not clever. Especially when you’re old enough to know better:

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 5

‘They’ve jailed me… how f**king childish but!’ – you really have no sense of irony, do you?

A bloody grown man (if you’re old enough to remember John Major as Prime Minister that means you’re at least in your thirties) posting bitchy rants on YouTube about other people’s bitchy rants over your political thread on the EA forum which got taken down?

Even more pathetic is him calling people ‘bellends’ (Ooooo, so edgy!) for pointing out his multiple diva exits from the forum only to come back within a month or even days.

And calling female posters ‘luv’? Seriously? Did you just step out of a time machine from the 1970s, you bumnugget? No one in Britain calls women ‘luv’ anymore – not even the thickest English seaside town bumpkin… except you that is.

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 6

You ‘actually new’ the local MP? Erm, don’t you mean you knew the local MP? And you’ve the cheek to call others ‘stupid’ when you have a worse grasp of English than most non-English speakers on the EA forum.

‘If you don’t know what a bellend is mate, look in the mirror.’

Pot. Kettle. Black.

manul says what is this FAIL above me

King_Of_Simcity7, you’re a good Sims 3 creator, but you really need to get a grip of yourself.

Meanwhile, elsewhere over on Pastebin, someone else was doing more than a little bitching off over events, but this time also calling out something we’ve noticed since the day the move was made over to the ‘new’ EA forum…

king_of_simcity7 being a prima donna 7

Before anyone suggests this was King_Of_Simcity7, note the Americanised spelling.

The interesting part for us in the above word spagbol was this:

‘You claim to not have any double standards at all for anything on the forums. Then how are people who blatantly break the rules still here and people who go on the verge of infringing, get banned, jailed, or warned.

It is a pattern — A double standards pattern. Let’s take our lovely friend LLamaDelRay (Who, if you haven’t noticed is an incredibly old troll (who used to go by the username HazzaPlumbob) who blatantly breaks the rules everyday, never, ever, gets in any type of visible trouble.

God forbid that anyone who is affiliated with Blunote00 get in trouble; they just happily trot in their field of immunity and break any damn rule that they please to.’

Yes, we’ve noticed too the rather sinister manner in which there’s been one law for serial shit-stirrer Blunote00 and one for everyone else.

Who is the ‘Nat’ the anonymous poster was referring to? A certain K4le8 – aka Kaleb – another of the post-Sims 4 launch crop who has a lot to say for himself but sadly little of it remotely original or intelligent, merely another twink desperate to be ‘in’ with ‘the big kids’. Funnily enough a few days later, our poor misunderstood hero was merrily joining in a bit of abuse himself in the company of a few well known names from past misdemeanours as they had a go at Sim Secret:

brookesaywhatx aka sunshineandsimoleons and co bitching off

Now this is all very interesting for reasons that shall be explained. First up, who is this SunshineandSimoleons?

brookesaywhatx aka sunshineandsimoleons and co bitching off 1

brookesaywhatx aka sunshineandsimoleons and co bitching off 2

Answer, Brookesaywhatx, usually a decent enough poster but who does like to stick her nose in whenever there’s drama on the go despite protestations otherwise (as you will see later).

Some of you may also notice amongst her besties here is one Katlyn2525, one of the vermin behind the troll forum Simmering Sims and its later flag of convenience Simomania aka The Forum For Sad Fuck Middle Aged Male Perverts Pretending To Be Bitchy ‘Ladies’.

Elsewhere is HarmonySims280 aka Harmony: keep her in mind as well for later, especially all the tut-tuting she does.

What interested us with Brookesaywhatx posting the above screenshot from Sim Secret was how old it was – her post was on 28th June, but the Sim Secret edition in question was Number 387, released on Friday 15th May, and was the twelfth post made:

brookesaywhatx aka sunshineandsimoleons and co bitching off 3

There is simply no way this could have been ‘the first thing’ she saw on that site at any time, let alone a month later – especially as you have to click past the first post of each new ‘edition’ to see the rest. Why did Brookesaywhatx feel the need to lie about it?

scratchhead  shakehead

One thing we did notice after a quick check back – the EA forum has been getting mentioned since that time when previously you only saw a post referring to EA forum members once in the bluest of moons – Sim Secret readers only being interested in events amongst the Dumblr, Undead Journal and MTS/GoS, etc. ‘kewl kids’ orbit: Mizura007, SnuggieQueen, Sharkloverplayer, Sparkfairy1 and Writin_Reg copping it on 12th June; Sharkloverplayer again on 19th June; Sketch793 on 26th June and and Sparkfairy1 (again) on 3rd July.

who is the sim secret ea forum yellow poster

who is the sim secret ea forum yellow poster 1

who is the sim secret ea forum yellow poster 2

Hmmm, now who has been having a lot of arguments with Sparkfairy1 of late and one with Writin_Reg too? Find that person, and you may have outed another Sim Secret yellow bitcher.

But we digress.

Oh Hooptytrib, Hooptytrib, you poor foolish mouse who doesn't know a major scoop when you have one!

Oh Hooptytrib, Hooptytrib, you poor foolish mouse! You don’t even know a major scoop when you have one!

Much more interesting – indeed a real jawdropper although those on Sim Secret were too stupid to notice (‘cos it’s only the unkewl EA forum and stuffs, man…’) – was the very last Sim Secret of this week…

brookesaywhatx aka sunshineandsimoleons and co bitching off 4

We’ll fill in some of the blanks: Boni06 is 06Bon06 on the EA forum, Harmony is HarmonySims280 – the one who tut-tutted at Sim Secret as a place for people bitching about others behind their backs, and who now turns out to be a member of a website doing the very same. Quelle surprise!

Oh dear Blunote00 (the moderator), Brookesaywhatx (an admin), Katlyn2525 (another admin), Colton147, Hermitgirl, GalaticGal, Tia1230 (ex-The Simmers Club, Sims Evolution and Simmers Heaven) and ZGirl601, looks like you’ve got some explaining to do to your friend King_Of_Simcity7… you know, he whom you’re all happy to post away to as with one another on each others EA forum page walls, but are saying something else entirely behind his back – in the case of Hermitgirl, admitting to have been the one that jailed him (or at least claiming to) in the first place!

Who knows what other bitchings about other Simmers our anonymous doxxer on Sim Secret may come out with next week regarding the above two-faced rats and their private ‘Bitch Ditch’?

No surprise in Blunote00’s case, having a long history of buying friends and stirring the shit behind private forums and chats, but the rest of them (GalacticGal, how could you? You were always one of the good guys!) could be in for a very long week ahead of them…

Ah, the traditional post that within a month came back to haunt the poster...

Ah, the traditional post that within days came back to haunt the poster…

You know what, King_Of_Simcity7, we feel genuinely sorry for you. With ‘friends’ like that, you didn’t need enemies!

thatsit  thatsit

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