Don’t Let Simon Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes, Spookyscones!

Over at the ever delightful Tea For Sims, Spookyscones has been finding what at first may appear to be lambs to the slaughter…

the hairy hands

Oh, those sheep know what they’re doing. Only the tourists are dumb enough to drive down that road in daylight, let alone night.

That is the notorious B3212, and between the villages of Postbridge and Two Bridges there has been a long history of accidents befalling motorised vehicles since 1910. Locals put it down to outsiders failing to treat the road with due respect and going too fast, but amongst the victims was Dr E H Helby, the doctor of nearby Dartmoor Prison, who was killed outright in June 1921 whilst both of his children escaped merely with scratches and bruises… after their motorcycle and sidecar combo went out of control and Dr Helby had screamed to his children to jump.

Others that have lived to tell the tale have all claimed to have found the steering abruptly wrenched from them by a pair of invisible hands, others have claimed it was by a pair of hairy hands (clearly the ghost of someone that masturbated a lot…). The approach to Cherrybrooke Bridge is reputed to be the high risk area, and even if you survive that there’s the risk of running into the phantom Wish Hounds running out from nearby Wistman’s Wood.

Dartmoor is indeed one of those more delightfully unique parts of the British Isles, where the standard paraphernalia of a traveller such as warm clothing, maps and compass needs to be supplemented with the addition of holy water, crucifixes and a hawthorn stick (the one thing you can hit a ghost with – who said this blog isn’t educational?!)

Anyway, when are you going to make another Sims 3 world, much as we love your Soggy Bottom!

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