Aarin, Cloverstardropper And Some Southern Fried Bumnuggetry

Over in sunny California, the two greatest threats to civilisation the Simming world has ever produced – Aarin and Cloverstardropper (or Speed Weed as appears to be her latest new chosen nom de plume – why she is naming herself after a chain of medicinal waccy baccy stores when she’s so clean living to be almost Mormon escapes us for now…), have been discussing – sort of – the great controversy in the U.S. of A. right now…

aarin on the confederate flag controversy

Oi! We saw you sneak in a Betsy Ross flag there, you bloody rebel colonist bumnugget!

… sort of.

cloverstardropper on the confederate flag controversy

Which when you think of it has been rather akin to the way Americans have been discussing said events, but more about that later.

But shame on you Switch for applauding some homophobe dissing the Confederate flag!

Don’t you know that flag is 2015’s Gay Icon ™?

cloverstardropper on the confederate flag controversy 1

slaplol  yewot

cloverstardropper on the confederate flag controversy 2

cloverstardropper on the confederate flag controversy 3

Who said the Great American Novel is dead – may as well declare this year’s Pulitzer Prize now and be done with it.

Where does the Simming world come into all this? Strangely enough, there’s been quite a few Confederate references sneaking around the joint from some very unusual quarters.

Yes, in that most tedious of More Politically Correct Than Thou places in the Simming world – Mod The Sims – Lisen801 gave Simmers the ability to replace the default flag with various different ones, and chose as their illustrated example the Confederate Jack to do it with!

All way back in 2010 and still available to download to this day. Meanwhile, two years earlier, Hordriss proffered the following for Sims 2 players:

the sims resource on the confederate flag controversy

Even more bizarre was Springfairy556’s proffering:

springfairy556 on the confederate flag controversy

To be fair, that was roughly about the size of the Confederate Army by the end of it!

Come to think of it, how many of you can actually name anyone involved in the Confederate Army apart from General Lee and his horse Traveller? Well all the gays will remember ‘Stonewall’ Jackson on account of his nickname and the kewl kidz will remember Longstreet for having the original hipster beard…

Which brings us, labouriously to our point. Not once was there – to any of the above – any instance of the faux outrage we are now seeing daily on telly, on the internet and in the press, where all of a sudden the Confederate Jack (which apart from the Tennessee CSA units was never popular during the Civil War or even afterwards until its bizarre adoption by certain U.S. units fighting the Japanese in World War Two…) is the great evil and the cause of some twinky dipshit shooting nine innocent people dead.

You know what’s coming up next, don’t you?

this is sidney poitier serious

Has the entire United States of America completely lost its marbles?

Yes, the Confederate Jack started being used as a white supremicist symbol back in 1948 in the Deep South – but that was by the Democrats, who have an appalling history of appealing to Dixie bigots since the end of the American Civil War right until a certain J.F. Kennedy came along a mere hundred years later (and who voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act – his volte face six years later was, like Britain’s Duke Of Wellington’s over Catholic emancipation, very much to do with turning with the tide…).

Yes, Georgia put it as part of their flag as a specific ‘up yours’ to its black citizens during the great schools bunfight. But here’s the twist – it was also in reaction to the fact those evil rock ‘n’ rollers had adopted the Confederate Jack as their own flag.

One of the curiosities of early rock’n’roll was that its early major icons all came from the former Confederate States: Fats Domino, Little Richard, and of course the two major giants – Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, who between them defined rock’n’roll. Much to the chagrin of ‘respectable’ Southerners, horrified at people crossing ‘white’ music (read Country and Western) with ‘black’ (rhythm and blues, jazz and gospel) did all they could to ban it (right down to forbidding black artists’ records being played in Alabama radio stations, so kids drove to the state borders on Saturday nights in the hope of picking up stations from ‘across the line’), knowing exactly what it would lead to – the breaking down of those supposedly permanent barriers with a common, enjoyable cause.

For a lot of Southern kids, for the first time in their lives being from below the Mason-Dixon line wasn’t a source of embarrassment and endless ‘redneck’ and ‘Bible belt’ jokes. Suddenly they were the cultural capital of the world – and as rock’n’roll gave birth in turn to the Generation Gap, what better way for those early young pioneers to rebel than to pinch the ‘rebel flag’ and really rub their elders noses in it that it was in celebration of the triumph of mainly black musicians.

Which brings us, ultimately to the point – who really won the battle for the right to consider the Confederate Flag theirs? The rock’n’rollers who went on to change the world forever, or a dwindling bunch of neo-nazi kooks, tin-hatters and inbreds?

Alright, alright, the main attraction of that show was the number of horny teenagers that wanted to f**k those three: it certainly wasn't for the acting or the plots!

Alright, alright, the main attraction of that show was the number of horny teenagers that wanted to f**k those three: it certainly wasn’t for the acting or the plots!

Yeah, exactly! Would we have had the likes of The Dukes Of Hazzard on the box if that flag had still been the preserve of David Duke and his scum?

billy idol and confederate guitar

Would Billy Idol – who physically defended the Hong Kong Garden Chinese restaurant with the rest of the Bromley Contingent (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sid Vicious, etc) from attacks by neo-Nazi thugs in the 1970s – have custom designed the above guitar had that flag not by the 1980s become more a symbol of race uniting rock’n’roll than race hate?

primal scream and confederate flag

Or that arch anti-Nazi band Primal Scream for that matter?

Or perhaps most potent of all, the British band Matchbox…

… the support band of choice for Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley on their European tours in the 1970s and 80s – Confederate Jacks and all.

Face the true, since the 1980s at the latest, the Confederate Jack has become part and parcel of Dixie Kitsch (‘Southern Pride’? Get real!) or teenage rebellion with zero racist overtones left to it, save for wishful thinking from the ‘agenda’ arseholes on both sides:  just as the punks and mods snatched the Union Jack out of the grubby mitts of Britain’s far-right. All of which makes the recent fuss even more absurd – and all too sadly predictable.

In case you missed seeing the following snippet over the weekend…

shootings in chicago

By the way, almost all the victims were black. Funnily enough, no reports of any Confederate flags in sight. Nor any great level of interest in your mainstream media for some reason.

Had the same happened in Birmingham in the UK, the closest city in size to Chicago over here, the army would have been sent in and martial law in all likelihood declared until the perpetrators were caught. You lot meanwhile never battered a f**king eyelid!

The media seemed far too busy concerning themselves over this.

bree newsome and the confederate flag

Almost the right idea by Bree Newsome… but don’t suppose it dawned on her for a moment that had she made the flag half mast (as all the other governmental office flags in South Carolina were – and that was what was so offensive about that flag at the time) it would have been a far more powerful gesture both of unity and ‘screw you Dylann Roof, you twisted little dipshit!’ than taking it down, denying Roof and his ilk the evil agenda they’ve been trying to attach to that flag since the 1960s.

Yeah, never thought of that idea did you? Logic folks, logic…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

But we digress.

After Columbine, it was blame the trenchcoats and the Goths.

After Virginia Tech, blame Manga cartoons (Ōrudo Bōi Rūzu Senki, to be precise).

After Sandy Hook, blame Aspergers.

After the Aurora Cinema massacre, blame Batman.

After Isla Vista, blame being a virgin basement dweller (okay, they probably had a point with that one…).

Beginning to see a pattern here, kiddies?

Here’s a idea, America.

Maybe, just maybe, if you didn’t give every goddamn hormonal dipshit the ‘right’ to buy all the lethal weapons they want in the first place, you wouldn’t be getting so many (mainly) young white American males that can’t score going around destroying other people’s lives under a thin veneer of ‘making a statement’ to compensate for being such pathetic sad f**k losers.

Stop blaming everything else EXCEPT the guns which do all the killing in the first place.

The Second Amendment is the root of all your evil – BIN IT!

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