Lyneko Sims’ Has An Altaria Motive

There almost seems to be a micro island Sims 3 world for every individual ‘Midnight Sun’ challenge ever made these days.

Ever since acclaimed island maker Gurra (Gurra09) invented the concept for his tiny Isle of Midnight Sun back in June 2011, many a Simmer has found their own inner Robinson Crusoe (or in Misty’s cases their own ‘The Blue Lagoon’…), and with the game getting rather top heavy with content as the years went by, many were tempted to downsize for the challenge of playing in a pint sized world. There almost seemed to be a Midnight Sun challenge craze at one time a few years back during the early rise of the Dimblrs.

It’s from the latter there has come the latest to try out, Lyneko Sims‘ dinky triptych Altaria Islands, although she’s not exactly done the greatest of jobs in enticing the prospective player:

alteria islands

Well that’s hardly likely to be causing any multiple orgasms amongst Simmers any time soon, so in the spirit of ‘if you want a job done, do it yourselves’ we decided to investigate.

alteria islands 3

There are three islands, the main South Altaria island ready for habitation has a 53 by 60 lot for use, the north west island’s lot is 48 by 44, and the north east island’s lot is 40 by 53.

alteria islands 9

It comes with a save file with a premade Simmie called Sugar, but she comes out weird due to the custom content which came with her – skin and all – not transferring, so don’t bother, you don’t need it.

alteria islands 1

There’s four dive spots – La’Ta Blu (just west and south of the main island and north west island respectively), Mermaid’s Grave (slap bang in the middle of all three… you just know that one’s going to be deadly, don’t you?), Crystal Cove (south east of South Altaria) and Shark’s Eage to the east of the north east island.

Okay, we give up, what’s an Eage?

alteria islands 2

Well bugger us with a wet Wobbegong, you learn something new everyday!

alteria islands 4

As you can see from the base layout of the south island, there’s a ‘dent’ in the landscape: separating the natural ‘fishing’ side from the rest. We’d leave that part untouched and only develop the rest, perhaps splitting that part into two inhabitable lots.

alteria islands 5

The north west island is a bit of a mess, lots of pretty but useless vegetation. It would be an ideal place to stick a small underground tomb in, or else plant some sort of harvestables within.

alteria islands 6

The north east island is even more pushed for practical space, and with the Weatherstone certain to appear on one of those two (from our tests, it always seems to appear on the north east island however…), some serious rejigging is needed to make some decent use of the two ‘Community Lot’ islands (if you keep them as such).

As we’ve said before, with small island developments, dig down is the key, don’t build upwards or you’ll lose the natural charm that made you want to use that world in the first place and you’ll swiftly tire of playing it.

alteria islands 8

We really like the shark’s teeth style of jagged rocks to the north east, the most noticeable landmark of this tiny island formation, and if you want a tiny world merely to try out dive lots for the first time this is probably far better than using a more cumbersome effort.

If you are looking to download Alteria Islands, here’s where to go: by Dropbox or by good old Mediafire (neither are Adfly linked), and if you do use it for a challenge or story, Lyneko would be very glad to hear all about it.

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