One Of Those Quiet Little Reminders Of Why We’re Glad To Still Be Around…

there's always one idiot isn't there

will these people ever learn

will these people ever learn 1

… when there’s arseholes like LilethPleasant, TombstoneOfLifeAndDeath, SigmundSims and JodelieJodelie regurgitating the vicious rubbish of Pescado and his/her/its sycophants parrot fashion without bothering to do any checking on their accusations.

will these people ever learn 2

Still, so long as we’re getting through to others such as MrMisconception, they’re not getting away with it completely unchallenged.

(And oh, for all of you out there in Dumblrland who still don’t know the real reason why The Sims Resource lot cut all links with Mod The Sims and that side of the Simming world revolving around it altogether, read this, and think twice before you go accusing them of doing it purely out of avarice…)

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