Sim Secret Has Itself A Merry Little Weekend

Okay, we’ll give them this one, they’re well entitled to having a gloat over the following.

sim secret's merry little weekend

Caught and bowled there after the Sims Weakly Weekly World News editor tried to big himself up as some sort of white knight in the hope someone would pay attention to him two months ago.

sim secret's merry little weekend 4

Elsewhere, there was considerable glee as in the fall out from last week’s bust came the routine lack of honour amongst villains as they all did their best to land one another in it to get themselves out of the doo-dah, inbetween large dollops of whining self-pity and ‘you don’t deserve my awesomesauceness’ (as Blunote00’s ego went supernova) and – as per usual – Katlyn2525 (after being caught in her fourth forum for encouraging shitstirring on the EA forum) doing her routine mental gymnastics so somehow it was all our fault, even though all we did was report another site’s bust!

sim secret's merry little weekend 1

Oh yeah, and there was even Jimmysnan as usual wagging her tail towards every bad bastard the EA forum has to offer that also believes shitty behaviour can somehow be ‘bought’ away.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Still, at least our mystery doxxer appears to have enjoyed matters enormously.

sim secret's merry little weekend 2

Matters weren’t quite over as someone ironically decided to stir the pot further by claiming Brookesaywhatx was being hung out to dry by Blunote00, Katlyn2525 and Gnarl_Lee to save themselves (hardly likely after what’s happened, but never mind…), much to the locals’ merriment:

sim secret's merry little weekend 3

Although some weren’t happy about EA forum affairs appearing in Sim Secret.

sim secret's merry little weekend 5

‘Oh noes maaaan, Hooptytrib’s sold out maaaan, posting EA forum stuffs maaaan, not kewl maaan ! NOT KEWL! Itz gotta be only Tumblrs n LJs n MTS n GoS n MATY maaaan, places for social justice warriors and peeps wanting penis sliders maaaan! ‘

Someone did provide a concise summary for the confused.

sim secret's merry little weekend 6

cat-ball  cat freak out optimised

sim secret's merry little weekend 7

We were mentioned en passant by one moaning about EA forum stuff… and no, Sims 3 wasn’t around in 2002, let alone Gossip Girl Sims (it was RockRoleFreak who appeared to be behind that, by the way, not anyone called The Riddler) or us. Nice to see some Sim Secret regulars still have their finger on the pulse.

Which kicked matters off as only Sim Secret knows how…

sim secret's merry little weekend 8

At least we make things a little easier for those trying to follow matters in the Simming world (and keep up with the alias changes – and why they changed!). With the monotony of people shutting down Dimblrs and reappearing under new alias having blotted their copybooks, just a pity SS doesn’t at least attempt to do the same in their sphere, albeit clarity never was a strong point within the MTS/GoS/MATY orbit, where asking for elaboration is a sign of ‘noobishness’ and a lack of ‘fannishness’, the usual dull pretentiousness amongst the socially maladjusted.

sim secret's merry little weekend 9

Hey, how about coming off the fence and say how you really feel about this?

And a round of applause for whatever Sims 4 player decided to upset the Sim Secret Sharkloverplayer haters even further by giving his adoring public what they have wanted – nay, demanded! – since last September…

sim secret's merry little weekend 10

slaplol  bravo

Attaboy Jeff, you know your public calls!

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