Doggone It, PlayfulAlice!

Okay, what on earth was this all about on the NRaas Industries forum?

doggone it playfulalice

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You want to name your dog after female Grateful Dead song names?


Clementine, Corrina, Katie Mae, Lucy, Peggy Sue, Roberta? Meh! Too obvious, too bland. Mona? You don’t get Manx dogs, only Manx cats, so no. Lady Di? That’s a real car crash of a name if ever there was one….

So call the dog Hully Gully or Wharf Rat. Brown Eyed Woman could be shortened to Brown Eye for short, or how about Easy Wind. Both should provide hours of hilarity with the neighbours combined with embarrassed years ahead when the joke has worn paper thin.

doggone it playfulalice 1

‘Hold on Mares, why doesn’t PlayfulAlice call the dog Delphy?’

Delphy? What the plumbobs are you on about Lauryl? There isn’t a Grateful Dead song called that?

doggone it playfulalice 2

‘Yeah, but she could call it that after the Grateful Dead song ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’!’

Thank you Lauryl and goodnight!

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