Switch Driving Up A Dead End

From Switch’s Silliness:

switch driving the wrong way

facepalmhy2  shakehead

Ho hum…

switch driving the wrong way 1

What are the ten nations with the lowest death rates on the roads?

switch driving the wrong way 2

Way to go Team America – not only do you get toasted by the Brits, you end up roadkill more often than even the Norwegians and Swedes who have to worry about serious winter conditions and ice for months at a time every single year – not to mention bloody reindeer blundering in front of them with alarming regularity.

You even lose out to the Israelis and Palestinians, some of whose citizens treat each others roads like they’re playing a giant reality game of Grand Theft Auto V.

Some They Might Be Giants fan you are when they gave you the explanation why back in Kindergarden…

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