More Silliness From Switch In July

more switchy nonsense 3

Who us?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Okay Cloverstardropper, just how bloody pink do you intend to turn your Tumblr?

more switchy nonsense

Just think, to some Mod The Sims , Garden of Shadows and More Awesome Than You readers, this is a wet dream come true. And they called EA forum readers weird?!?!

And what do you mean you’re not aroused by tractors?

more switchy nonsense 1

Surely it doesn’t get much gayer than having the hots for country music and tractors?

Evidence for the prosecution:


Find us a gayer video that isn’t Certificate 18, and we’ll eat our hats.

more switchy nonsense 2

Hmmm, if it’s a Blue Feather, it can only be Jaz Coleman who deserves it:

jaz coleman and the delicious cake

(You’ll either get this one or you won’t!)

more switchy nonsense 4

***Cough!*** Sims 3 ***Splutter***

How much gayer do you want it to get before you realise it is The One True Game when it comes to gaying it up? Haven’t you been watching the Dimblrs? They seem to do little else except have their Simmies getting gay with one another all – the – time.

Elsewhere, Cloverstardropper has decided that now she’s seventeen, it’s time to prepare for what is laughably termed the job market, albeit with a rather different approach to fulfilling the ‘make your resumé stand out’ requirement:

more switchy nonsense 5

yewot  yewot

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