You Know, Worm178 May Have A Point For Once (Albeit Inadvertantly…)

Oh dear, look who’s back looking for attention again.

we'll give worm178 this one

Although to be fair to the attention whoring little gobshite – who has had good reason to lie low over the last few years after the trainwreck he made of his last time in the Sims world – he has made a very, very good point of late, albeit inadvertantly.

we'll give worm178 this one 1

Two weeks ago, in a voice parodying Phreakindee’s velvetty butter-that-spreads-straight-from-the-fridge tones, he made a video about Sims 4 claiming that it now had an open neighbourhood.

we'll give worm178 this one 2

All he meant was that when you are in Tab mode, you can zoom upwards and outwards to see the entire of the Sims 4 world, not merely the one you are playing.

we'll give worm178 this one 3

As well as having a pop at the cardboard cutout scenery on the edges of a Sims 4 world.

we'll give worm178 this one 4

All the world’s a stage, which is one explanation for Sims 4 looking more like a set!

slaplol  point

we'll give worm178 this one 5


we'll give worm178 this one 6

Someone ought to point out to Worm178 that there’s no advantage in landsharking in the Sims series.

But we digress.

The point is, to all intensive purposes Sims 4 world maps are whole, merely crippled by the programming forcing players into flitting from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. As the maps are whole, a clever programmer or programmers could subvert it to create the same sort of open world play that Sims 3 players enjoy – which would go a long way to making it more acceptable.

‘Couldn’t be done!’ we hear you cry?

we'll give worm178 this one 7

Last year, the Thief community was shocked to learn that there was a mod due to be out before the end of the year creating a seemless version of Thief: Deadly Shadows.

Plenty scoffed…

we'll give worm178 this one 8

… only three months later to be forced to eat their words.

If it can be done with a game where the world map was not continuous to begin with, surely it’s got to be a whole lot easier to do it with one which is?

we'll give worm178 this one 9

‘For those of you thinking that ah I was actually gonna explain how to play an open neighbourhood in the Sims 4… I suggess you quit looking for a solution that’s not gonna be solved’.

we'll give worm178 this one 10

By the way, when you only have thirty seven views, the troll level isn’t high. In fact it’s about as weak as if gets. Just saying…

Maybe not.

Or maybe…

Over to you Sims 4 modders!

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