The Sims4Forum – Less Than A Year Later, Just Another Derelict

Oh how the not so mighty have fallen!

sims4forum now all but abandoned

Since April time, Sodagod1 aka serial scammer Chris Mayberry has left those on his payshite forum Sims4Forum largely to their own devices, having it seems milked the Simming community of all the money he was able to make from it – largely from other people’s hard work.

sims4forum now all but abandoned 1

sims4forum now all but abandoned 2

According to at least one site, it is only earning £3 a day for its owner from its shitty adverts, so from what we’ve learned about his motives in the gaming community to date it’s no surprise his interest has waned.

sims4forum now all but abandoned 3

Looks like Sodagod1’s more interested in looking for new scams, and new ladies to con online…

sims4forum now all but abandoned 4

Sorry Mystic aka Sundancegal aka Charmypoo aka Gerika Berry, but we did warn you…

sims4forum now all but abandoned 6

The only thing you’ll get for free from Chris Mayberry is a big fat shit sandwich – without the bread.

In fact one of the last times any of them heard from him, it was when MadameLee – in her Disneygirl guise – was asking some more awkward questions as to why people that had paid money for a VIP membership or had ‘earned’ it via its internal ‘Simoleons’ system (linked to how much advertising revenue members were generating) weren’t being accreditted with it…

sims4forum now all but abandoned 5

whistling mares nest version  thatsit

Fancy that!

So the question is, with those dwindling few on the site left largely talking to themselves, what purpose does it serve anymore…

sims4forum now all but abandoned 7

… other than being another Simming place on the net MadameLee can drone on and on about her fetishism over disabilities?

On second thoughts, if it gives the rest of us some peace and quiet until the plug’s pulled, that’s as good a purpose as any!

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

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