Sorry Blunote00 Bashers, But This One Is REALLY Weak (And You’re Missing The Main Point)

Over on Sim Secret, half have still been enjoying the fallout from recent events as much as half are whinging about anything to do with the ‘vanilla’ side of the Simming community ‘infiltrating’ them.

this one is really weak 1

However, we think they’re really scraping it with this one:

this one is really weak

this one is really weak 6

For starters, this has been on YouTube for five years, so it’s hardly a ‘secret’.

this one is really weak 2

As for ‘sick?’ – oh, come on!

this one is really weak 3

It’s cringe inducing at best – especially the cheesy saxophone musak which only Americans seem to think is somehow the natural accompaniment to anyone on film or TV having a slushy moment or something more athletic.

But it’s hardly ‘sick’ or ‘porn’ – especially in comparison to some of the stuff that can be found elsewhere amongst the Simming world, as any Sim Secret regular ought to know.

this one is really weak 4

From a few weeks back

Especially as the site’s owner Hooptytrib all but confessed after that it was people involved in the running of Sim Secret who were behind it (Sim Secret in creating ‘Oh The Big Manatee’ posts non-shocker. Said it before, and we’ll keep saying it…).

this one is really weak 5

Discovering posts elsewhere is one thing, creating ‘human centipede’ posts and trying to pass them off as if they were from elsewhere in order to pander to the readers’ desire for sleeze is quite another.

shakehead  shakehead

this one is really weak 7

Perhaps it’s those anonymous posters telling other people to get laid – especially Sharkloverplayer ad nauseum – that are the ones needing to get laid themselves?

Or at least be a little bit more consistent – after all, wasn’t it rather strange that Sim Secret of all places failed to pick up on the following over at Mod The Sims back in May?

this one is really weak 9

Anyone noticed the obvious?

Yes, for females only.

this one is really weak 10

Now why would that be, unless the mod has been created merely to pander to those sick sacks of shit with a fetish for amputees (including female child amputees by the look of it).

this one is really weak 11

By Vedamir’s own admission, doing them for males has been an afterthought, so this mod was hardly done with a view to the usual ‘equality’ horseshit line Mod The Sims loves to peddle to excuse the inexcusable.

Same old Mod The Sims, safe haven for every nonce and sicko around (until there’s a big enough stink about it). Same old Sim Secret,  turning blind eyes to ‘fellow travellers’.

shakehead  thatsit

But we digress.

A far more important point that was made back on Friday came courtesy of another poster:

this one is really weak 8

Yeah, but that’s just it.

Why would there be any reason for Brookesaywhatx to get banned on the EA forum over events happening outside of the EA forum context?

In fact, there seems to have been a number of other individuals involved in the recent fiasco that have found themselves victims of the banhammer – except for those that are still Blunote00’s besties.

There’s been disquiet for sometime about Blunote00’s renewed connections to those running the continuing EA forum (despite no longer being able to buy friends with there being no EA Store for Sims 4), who seem to be even worse than the shower of bibdribbling incompetents who used to run the old Sims 3 EA forum. If those running the EA forum are now misusing their powers – not for the first time in its history – in order to pander to the personal prejudices and catfights of their ‘Yibsims’ (or whatever they call their pet brown-nosers these days…), that forum has far more trouble on its hands than merely the petty bitchery going on within members’ Activity pages…

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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