This Is What Cowplants Were Born To Do…

cowplants eating brats

… eating all the annoying little brats in the games.

But noooooo, EA forces them to spit them out.

We don’t even get the pleasure of seeing them being spat miles into the air to come down bouncing off a tiled roof before crashing on the nearest pavement with a satisfying crunch of bones and a long trip to the hospital and giving all the rest of the Simmies in your game peace.

Spoilsport bar stewards!

shakehead  rant

cowplants eating brats 1

Shut up, Simasaurus09, you bloody hippy liberal bleedheart! Spare the cowplant, spoil the child…

cowplants eating brats 2

Which ARRensch is a real reversal of the roles insofar as Holly Alto is concerned if the rumours are true!

ehwhat mare's nest version  yewot

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