Haiden Asks ‘Does EA Miss Me?’

haiden asks does ea miss me

The question is, how much did Haiden spend on Simmie clothes he’d then make sure they never, ever got to wear (Haiden’s Simmies being synonymous with wardrobe malfunctions).

haiden asks does ea miss me 1

Well that didn’t take long for Kremesch73 to go from Sims 4 evangelical to no longer playing. A whole two months between swearing undying love to swearing never to play it again!

haiden asks does ea miss me 2

Wait a moment, Rflong7/13 – you did buy the base game in the end?

Well, you’d only yourself to blame for the big waste of money. You ought to have followed your original instincts.

wag_finger  wag_finger

(What do you mean ‘yes mum, sorry mum!’?)

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