Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Sophie Yooper? (The Truth Behind SimsPlumbobSwastika)

Over at Sim Secret they’ve found another not-so-funny headcase it seems.

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler

The strange part is she never mentions guns, feminism, in fact anything else apart from her Hitler obsession in this rather rambling Dumblr. Heaven forbid anyone suggest she did it for the attention whoring…

‘I’ve had past life memories of being Adolf Hitler…’

shakehead  point

If you bother reading through this wacko’s Dumblr (not a Dimblr, as you shall see), it’s apparant her ‘memories’ appear to be whatever she last watched off the History Channel and the movie Downfall.

To cut a long story short, this Sophie is a schoolkid Yooper (ie. from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan), that part of the U.S.A. which could never understand what all the fuss was about over the film Deliverance, therefore allowances have to be made to a certain degree.

This bumnugget has been around on Dumblr for well over a year without ever having the remotest piece of contact with the Simming community (her only interest stretches to custom content providers)  – let alone the Dimblr one –  yet over on Sim Secret some (by no means all) are getting their knickers in a right old twist about her.

In fact, the only reason it seems she was discovered at all was down to the following post over at the Sims Gone Wrong Dimblr:

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 1

Altogether now…. ‘Hitler, he only had one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall. Himmler, had something similar, whilst poor Sims 4 Simmies have no balls at all!’

Which she posted a Like to (since of course no one talks to one another properly on Dimblr…):

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 2

And that’s it. We’ll hazard a guess that it was someone who posted a Like at the same time or shortly afterwards was the one who noticed the name and sent off the picture to Sim Secret sometime after the 21st July.

What was more interesting was what followed a mere three days later:

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 3

We double checked on this Propheads-and-jetjockeys who apparantly tipped her off, and she has absolutely zero connections to the Simming community at all – in fact there’s no evidence on her own Dumblr that she even plays any version of the Sims.

Which begs the question, why the hell would an irregular Dumblr poster like that be reading Sim Secret in able to warn Yooper Sophie – in record time – that she’d been mentioned?

For someone acting like they’re bothered by all this, it’s amazing how much they’ve started posting in a manner suggesting playing to the crowd (or rather the crowd they hope they’re getting) in being even more ‘edgy’:

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 4

facepalmhy2  shakehead

Your little brother must be really lucky to have someone like you for a sister, and we don’t think.

Or should we blame the parent for how you’ve turned out?

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 5

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 6

yewot  yewot

No, this moron’s bumnuggetry is all of her own making. Read the next part and despair this is part of ‘The Future Of America’.

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 7

Anyone coming out with this shit clearly has an IQ which can be beaten with one dart.

wanker  wanker

Bloody hell, a Yooper looking down on the way anyone else talks – talk about lacking a sense of irony!

Of course, most of you know that whenever you get someone trolling the internet with painfully obvious controversial posts, you can count down the time before the mental health issues card gets played.

Sure enough…

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 8

So you’ve apparantly been in therepy since you were six years old? Really? And yet they let you on the internet to post this sort of shit unsupervised?

who do you think you are kidding sophie hitler 9

The question is Sophie, which one of your ‘personalities’ is the one responsible for all this, and which one was was Hitler in the past life?

Was it the one that just happens to share the name of a well known Nickelodeon actress (Cymphonique Miller), the one named after a popular teen fantasy book heroine (Seraphina), or… well, you get the idea.

Nope, we’re not buying it. Truth is you’re a sad lonely little girl trapped in the sticks whose online persona is born largely out of boredom and little else. The sadder part is that by the time you grow out of it, plumbob only knows how many bridges you will have burned in the process with being such a bumnugget. But saddest of all are those grown adults who you think are your friends that are encouraging you to behave in this manner.

Turn off your computer, go outside, and give yourself a time out from internet and television junk for your own sake.

(And for crying out loud take down those photos of yourself – if they are of yourself – before someone does identify you, if not for your own sake, at least for your family’s, who don’t deserve to suffer any backlash from your own brainlessness online)


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