Taffer Rad Hits The Floor (But Not To Show Her Dance Moves…)

Poor Taffer Rad is having a bit of a Bonnie Tyler time of late…

taffer rad's bonnie tyler moment

The Simming community’s leading Simming academic

… alright, alright, the only Simming academic!

… try again!

The world’s only Simming academic (which begs the question, why hasn’t she been given any telly time on Ginx, eh? EHHHHH?) found herself no sooner under the knife to get a long overdue operation than matters got worse thanks to a local supermarket special offer:

taffer rad's bonnie tyler moment 1

thOMG    rant

We’ve always said that Simming is an ‘armless pastime, but this is ridiculous!

Time to call one of those ambulance chasing lawyers firms and sue the crap out of that supermarket!

taffer rad's bonnie tyler moment 2

Talk about trouble only ever comes in threes!

Get well soon, Rad.

virtual hug mare's nest version

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