So What’s Been Bugging Switch Lately?

For Switch, July has been a mixture of good news and bad news.

The good news…

switch's horrible month end

… the bad news was getting the backlash from other GTA V fans (and one of us guesses also discovering the number of parts of the game now locked off to her from allowing Trevor Phillips to die – such as the delights of being chased by random biker gangs and being about the only character you can get to steal the military jet and escape with it alive!)

switch's horrible month end 1

There’s a bit of debate about Trevor in the gaming world. Yes, he’s a disgusting psychotic trainwreck, but when he gets all cut up over Patricia, or beats the crap out of a bike thief saying that he never liked bullies, you start having second thoughts… especially when compared to Michael, the family man whose fathering skills compliment Trevor’s homemaking ones and who seems to think his family’s love can be bought inbetween all living apart together; or Franklin, a guy who knows what he’s doing to earn a buck is completely wrong but still does it anyway as it’s the one guaranteed way out of the Los Santos ghetto. Three immoral characters in what swiftly turns out to be a very immoral gaming world – ouch!

(Plus anyone who believes rednecks, gangstas and hipsters should be exterminated with the nearest available weapon to hand can’t be all that bad!)

Maybe Cloverstardropper doesn’t like Trever because she sees too much of herself in him – evidence for the prosecution:

switch's horrible month end 2

wiggle tongue  whistling mares nest version

On a lighter note, Switch has made a new friend:

switch's horrible month end 3

You do know those sort of spiders are only supposed to live in cellers, right?

yewot  yewot

By the way, for the benefit of those rebel colonists, over here in Britain a Daddy Long Legs is what we call crane flies.

Cloverstardropper also made one she didn’t want.

switch's horrible month end 6

switch's horrible month end 7

You do realise that having got to the bottom it will now crawl left and right up and down your wall while the flea puts more mushrooms on it?

We’ve put you all in the mood for playing this now, haven’t we?

Did you know many parts of the British Isles have had at least some rain during the day and night since St Swithin’s Day on 15th July? The Royal Metrological Society did much this year to dismiss the legend never coming to pass since records began, but it’s now looking like it’s coming back to bite them. For those of us in the British Isles moaning about not having much of a summer, spare a thought though for those who are getting all our sun instead.

switch's horrible month end 4

Meanwhile, Switch’s chances of ever becoming a goth have taken a fatal blow.

switch's horrible month end 5

Funny to think she’s a They Might Be Giants fan as well, considering how barking mad their videos have been down the years.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we saw a really silly video, so we’re wondering what song Switch is referring to?

scratchhead  scratchhead

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