Colton147 And JoxerTM22 Are Getting All Messed Up!

colton147 only just getting gta v

Right. So you’ve had Trevor Phillips in drag with a boob job as your avatar for almost six months now… but you still have not got GTA V?

yewot  scratchhead

Mind you, this was nothing compared to the egg JoxerTM22 ended up with on his face:

colton147 only just getting gta v 1

facepalmhy2  point

Emmaning tried to get him to go down the eco route, but this is impossible when Colton147’s phone company are still on the sort of broadband network which makes a string and paper cups network look cutting edge.

colton147 only just getting gta v 2

There’s no easy way to say it, but Colton147 really needs to get a modern internet connection, after replacing his valve computer, coal car and gas telly.

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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