Count Your Lucky Stars CountYourSims Simmies Esme and Elliott Hawkins Aren’t In Your Game Folder

Mother of Pearl!

countyoursims hideous creations

countyoursims hideous creations 1

thOMG  thOMG

Everyone has the right to make ugly Simmies now and again, but CountYourSims has well overabused the privilege with this gruesome twosome.

countyoursims hideous creations 2

According to CountYourSims, these two walking abortions are Esme and Elliott Hawkins – are too many E numbers the cause of them?

countyoursims hideous creations 3

Esme is a daddy’s girl but inherited her mother’s love for animals and doesn’t like bacon. So all that’s needed to know now is what species of pig her mother had her genes spliced with in order to create these two monstrosities?

It appears that Julia526’s evil legacy in the Simming world continues. Be afraid Simmers, be very afraid!

scared  scared

manul says wtf

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