SimsPlumbobSwastika Proving Her Herrehintereklumpenschaft

We weren’t going to mention this clown again, but since she’s still spewing her crap on Dumblr whilst linking to various Simming Dimblr sites into the bargain – meaning there’s the possibility some of you out there may believe some of the crap she posts or reposts, or that outsiders to the Simming community might get ideas about us as a new recruitment ground for their crap – suppose we’d better get the latest drivel from her clown collective knocked for six.

If any of you out there in Dimblr land want to repost what we’re saying here, be our guest – after all, it’s your part of the net she’s crapping in.

Sophie the Yooper isn’t exactly a hundred watt bulb if she falls for stuff like this.

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled

Note the parts marked in red – you will see where they really came from later

shakehead  fryingpan

This is where best beloved you all learn a little lesson in never taking for granted any supposed ‘reposts’ of newspaper articles on the internet when they fail to provide a link to the original article in question.

A quick investigation by your super soaraway Mare’s Nest shows that it is a crude forgery using a real Daily Mail article from the 22nd June, not the 30th – as a template.

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled 1

All the Daily Mail articles for 30th June 2015 which mentioned Calais

None of the Daily Mail stories for 30th June concern the absurd story above (incidentally a new version is currently doing the rounds claiming that it is French women, rather than British, who are travelling to the camps).

Here’s the article from 22nd June 2015 which was butchered to produce the crap Sophie the Yooper and her hintereklumpen mates have swallowed like sheep:

simsplumbobswastika is easily fooled 2

Once upon a time newspapers used to have unique typefaces subtly different from their rivals developed partly as a way of preventing forged editions being created for nefarious purposes, but with the advent of the web and mobile platforms many are forced to use only the standardised types the web prefers (ironically one of them being the Times New Roman much beloved of a certain London newspaper…). The problem the Daily Mail has – along with virtually every other English speaking newspaper – is that it has little choice but to use familiar types such as the Arial font family which make faking stories purporting to be from them all too easy.

Fair game if being done for levity – but there was nothing remotely funny about this fake, little more than the latest rehash of the usual white supremacist scaremongering about ‘non-whites coming to take our women.’

John Hall, Ian Sparks, Jamie Wiseman and the rest of the Daily Mail may not exactly be top of the Christmas card list amongst Britain’s trendy lefties, social justice warriors and the rest of the morons from the bleeding heart brigade, but we think even they agree they deserve to have their names cleared from association with this vicious rubbish doing the rounds of the webs with their names attached to it.

As for Sophie the Twitler Yoop, time she tried filling her mind with something other than whatever reinforces her infantile fancies – before she makes an even bigger idiot of herself in the real world never mind the internet. As we’ve said before, the world’s a smaller place than most people think, sooner or later someone in her locality is going to make the connection and she’s going to find out the hard way there could be a real life price to be paid for what she thinks makes her out to be a special little snowflake or a badass. Not everyone manages to make a Lynx and Lamb Gaede type escape from dabbling in that sort of crap unscathed…

thatsit  wag_finger

(And yes, Herrehintereklumpenschaft means ‘master bumnuggetry’. But you knew that anyway…)

‘Between the hours of twelve and two, the nagging doubts will come to you. Be paranoid parents ‘coz they’re after your kids who don’t know what an Aryan master race is. They’ll plant the seeds that will grow in time and start the disease that will poison their minds. Fill them up with hatred, dress them up in robes – you know how that story goes!’

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