This Bad JoxerTM22 Needs To Learn To Just Stay Down Now And Again

You know the old saying about the bad boxer who never knows when they’re beat and hasn’t the sense to be counted out rather than get up to be pummelled yet again?

Well JoxerTM22 is a prime example. Unable to accept that his trump card about GTA V had fallen flat on its face by failing to compare like with like (ie. not everyone wants to waste money on a console just to play games), he sought to rehash it with a non-sequiteur.

what the hell is joxertm22 on about

Considering USB sticks have been around for a decade and a half (and for that matter have CF and SD cards, which are even more portable and carry even more memory) yet no reputable computer program manufacturer has moved over to them as their preferred media, has JoxerTM22 ever stopped to think why CDs and DVDs remain king for the retail sale of programs… such as being more cost effective for retail sale, not being as limited to number of uses before the bugger packs up, not being restricted to the temprementality of USB ports, etc?

In short, the blindingly obvious!

whistling mares nest versionwhistling mares nest version

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