FraulineFive Announces Departure From Sims World – The Drinks Are On The Berry Sweets!

Oh how will we live?!

Quite happily in all likelihoods…

get the party poppers ready frauline five is leaving

After our J’Accuse over her appearing to have more involvement in a certain Top 25 Live Journal blog that merely responding to its posts, she went remarkably quiet – and as we pointed out, so did Sim Secret.

get the party poppers ready frauline five is leaving 1

One less pseudo-intellectual Social Justice Wanker in the Simming community (which is supposed to be all about having fun and getting away from the shittiness in the world) – is always a good reason to crack open the bubbly.

No surprise that Frauline Five should be moving to San Francisco to further her own studies into disappearing far enough up her own arse to create the first black hole of smugness in the Space Time continuum, although the sheer weight of the naturally generating quantum forcefield of grandiloquence eminating from the San Francisco boundries which pushes anything remotely ‘vanilla’ or ‘beige’ ought to be enough of a counterweight to prevent the end of the universe as we know it.

Thursday 20th August is the day of the happy event. Have fun with the rest of the liberal humanist snobs loving the smell of your own farts – this old Simming world will survive quite happily without your snide input.

mbounce.PNG  mbounce.PNG

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