Grease Isn’t The Word

For all our younger viewers, just to explain the following, Grease was another Romeo and Juliet take off musical of tacky fifties revisionism revivalism with so much saccarine and schmaltz in it, you’d think Disney was involved. The horrendous High School Musical series decades later was very much Grease with extra cheese – ironically Grease‘s own attempt at doing a trilogy stalled when the first follow up was a massive flop (ironically, it had probably the best of all the songs – the title track ‘Back To School’ by the Four Tops).

Back in 1978, everything in the media was literal saturation coverage of this rubbish, largely in the

So sorry SgiSims, but apart from you why the hell would anyone want this?

grease isn't the word

And the very idea of the squeaky clean Grease kids with tattoos? Erm… we are talking about a movie where smoking was considered the height of rebelliousness!

Anyone out there like to make poses of the best thing to do with anything to do with Grease instead?

ehwhat mare's nest version  wiggle tongue

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