Aarin Is In A Jam

Over at 6s and 7s, the Great Knit is still Simming and still as ever finding matters to moan about as her catch up on Sims 3 has left her underwhelmed.

aarin is in a jam 2

‘Am I having fun yet?’

Yes we all remember the Boardwalk set, which was supposed to be an optional extra part of the Roaring Heights world, but which EA as per usual made it rather confusing to buy by advertising the two together but not linking the two in the EA Store – instead you had to buy the Gold edition and then buy it separately with the points acquired.

And yes, the novelty of the rollercoaster did wear thin quickly!

aarin is in a jam

Yes, we might have known she’d want something to do with sweet succulent grannies!

aarin is in a jam 1

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