Letty91 Gets A Crash Course In Simguru Duckspeak

letty91 and the case of blind optimism

Letty91 decided to see if she could achieve the impossible and get the Simgurus to give her a straight answer as to why her topic had been deleted.

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 1

That Simguru Drake promised to ‘look into this’ was a cause for celebration by Letty91 had the words ‘noob error’ written all over it in glitter pen.

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 2

manul the pallas cat says you crazy kids and your big old love of fail

Sure enough, one week and a day later…

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 3

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Imagine that happening, eh?

Zola1016 decided that a bit of bluff calling was required:

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 4

And lo and behold…

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 5

What’s with the ‘it appears’ crap, Simguru Drake? There will be a log for the threads removal with a note by the administrator stating the reason why – something you will have access to. There’s no ‘it appears’ about it – either that is the reason, or you/your line manager are making it up.

No wonder you chose that name – you’re fluent in Orwellian duckspeak!

Zola1016 wasn’t buying it and neither it appears was Letty91, who appears to have been a serial victim of being thread culled for asking awkward questions:

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 6

Simguru Drake’s response?

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 7

Hold your mares right there, Miss Quack Quack – let’s have a look at this ‘political flame bait’ in question:

letty91 and the case of blind optimism 8

Where exactly is the politics in any of the above?

All we can see is Letty91 taking a quote from Simguru Drake from a different thread – the Dishwashers Are FREE! thread to be precise – and making that age old complaint since the days of Simguru Hydra about Simguru mouthpieces who have no direct connection with the production or repair of the game whatsoever and only regurgiate what they’ve been told to say (as Sigzy05 pointed out in turn…), whilst those who are supposed to be fixing it are nowhere to be seen whenever the chips are down (again an old, old story).

Dare we suggest that what Letty91 really did wrong here was mention that Sims 4 is still showing Lannisteresque tendencies?

Meanwhile Astro walked the ghost in asking why EA aren’t using some of the revenue from Sims 4 sales to fix it, with GameKitten suggesting the money is being diverted towards the impending Star Wars: Battlefront cash cow since Star Wars dorks will buy any old associated shit.

Hmmm, dare we say the real politics here is EA office politics, where no one is allowed to say anything negative or accuse the company of pulling a fast one on those funding its very existence?

ehwhat mare's nest version  thatsit

Looks like those with Sims 4 are getting – far from a new tactile and innovative Simguru experience – instead the same old contempt with a smiley face from the old EA forum for Sims 3 only. Plus ça change

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