Phreakindee FINALLY Regrets His Faustian Pact With Sims 4 – Pity It’s A Year Too Late

It had to happen.

phreakindee now admitting having second thoughts about sims 4

‘Bless me Simmer, for I have sinned…’ – confess in the Comfy Chair!

Phreakindee – aka Lazy Game Reviews – has been rather all sunshine and puppies about Sims 4, hence the dark mutterings of having all the new crap released bought for him by a certain fat Greek thief acting as EA’s deniable asset, and hence even darker mutterings about ‘selling out’ – especially considering the manner in which he kept failing to point out pack after pack being a rehash of previous Sims 3 ones with little to zero differences, ergo so much for the whole ‘more tactile and innovative’ bullshit from Graham Nardone these last twelve months.

Whether any of that is true or not (and we have our doubts – one example of Alexurt1 trying to buy friends again does not equate to moral treachery of Peter Garrett proportions) is the point. What was patently obvious was behind the buttery voice it no longer seemed like the Phreakindee of the Sims 3 era: dare anyone whisper it, but he almost seemed domesticated.

However, his latest review for the Sims 4 Spa Day showed cracks in the edifice – his enthusiasm sounded forced, the old sarcasm began creeping back even if he couldn’t bring himself to outright slag off EA’s latest packet of rewarmed beef jerky leftovers (come on, he’s become that domesticated he couldn’t even manage to make the obligatory joke whether Simmies getting a massage had the option of asking for a Happy Ending!), and there was a quite extraordinary piece from five minutes fifty nine onwards:

‘…I don’t know that I would have gotten it if this wasn’t my job. But the non-reviewer lifestyle is so far behind me now I don’t remember what that was like. Sometimes I feel like I live to review games instead of living for me, and there’s all this self-inflicted pressure to make sure it keeps going, and yes I love what I do but the longer I do it the harder it becomes to keep a clear head, filter out all the noise and not stress out. In short, real life me needs a real life Spa Day – and playing this pack actually made me feel like I’d had one.’

manul says wtf

There is a danger of reading too much into things of course, but both of us were stunned.

He goes into a completely uncharateristic rambling discourse admitting he’s only got the game because it’s his job, moans about feeling trapped in a rut by it… and then backflips to say the new add on pack made him feel like he’d had a holiday from all that gaming reviewing which had been getting him down. We’ve saw a few clumsily forced metaphors in our time, but that one was at gunpoint.

It didn’t feel natural, and looked more like the ending was Phreakindee giving certain people what they wanted to hear being said.

Ironically, his failure to sound completely We Love You, Dear Leader earned him the wrath of the Sims 4 evangelicals, and finally three days ago he cracked:

Here’s the salient points:

‘[The Sims series] is basically giving me my day job, which is making these videos. The Sims by far is what gives me most of my views and therefore most of my income. So obviously I have a pretty good incentive to keep talking about it, that’s why you’re going to see so many videos about it on my channel. But it’s in a way also why I’m going to be a little critical of it.

Let me define something here for a moment, at least the way that I see it. I know that I can come across as highly snarky in my reviews… [this] does not equate to negativity, at least in the way I try to use these ideas in my videos.’

Phreakindee went on to explain that for him the Sims has been like an old friend you slag off as you would anyone that’s been a close part of your life and love to bits, but there comes a time you have to get…

this is sidney poitier serious

Or to be concise:

‘I don’t critique things I don’t care about.’

What was really striking was after a long ramble about Simming history and how matters got out of hand with content sales towards the end of the Sims 3 series, he became visibly upset for a fleeting moment as the talk turned to the start of Sims 4. – something some of you will remember he kept taking that accentuate the positive line crapola long after its originator Rflong7/13 had burned her YibSim turncoat for a caveat emptor t-shirt.

Clearly Sims 4 has been a raw nerve for some time:

‘… you had less in the overall base game, from the very beginning there was less to work with, and the cynical side of me just saw that as saying Wow, they are going to milk this to death, adding more stuff later on!

Okay Phreakindee fine, but it’s a big bloody pity that Mr Cynical Side was kept securely bound and gagged in the basement for the last eleven months, and only let out once in a while doped up on industrial strength hypnoval insofar as Sims 4 was concerned.

A lot of people caved in and bought Sims 4 over the back of your drip fed positivity towards something you weren’t feeling happy about. They did it because they trusted you would tell them the truth about how you really felt.

Every single f**king booster pack for that chunk of shit, you gave it – in the end – a thumbs up. Once is understandable, but every single one to date? How could you?

The bottom line is that Phreakindee has said he’s considering no longer covering every single Sims 4 pack release, because he feels there’s too many and doesn’t want to overload his channel with them.

Roll back to what he said earlier for the real explanation – I don’t critique things I don’t care about.’

Or to what he said around the fifteen minutes, forty seven seconds mark.

‘I really hope that I’m wrong, but I just see this as becoming a joke of a franchise – even more so than it already has been.’

Again, pity you weren’t saying that almost a year ago when everyone else with eyes to see – Honeywell, Cinebar, Mod The Sims, Rflong7/13, ourselves – were saying the nature of the King’s New Clothes.

Why oh why in the Simming community must it be this way? Where Stan Lee’s most famous cliché is transmogrified instead into:

‘With great power comes great bumnuggetry’

It doesn’t matter whether it was a Faustian pact with EA, or a Faustian pact with the dynamics of YouTube advertising revenue, the point is this was always going to come back and bite you back in the end.

‘I’m genuinely having a hard time giving a crap about it, it doesn’t seem like the publisher does.’

You cannot go against your true nature forever, and when your true nature was telling you ‘it’s a freaking trainwreck!’ from the start, how long did you think you could keep lying to yourself?

We’re sorry that this business has proven upsetting to you, but in all honesty, you ought to have realised deep down it was always going to end like this.

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