For Delphy, ‘Forever’ Means Three Weeks!

On the 7th July, Delphy of Mod The Sims fame and certain other infamies registered his latest schoolgirl, er we mean baby on the interwebs, which two weeks later was unmasked as he told anyone who would listen he was going to generously offer the Simming community a unique file hosting service – Sim File Share.

sim file share cock up

sim file share cock up 1

Your links will work forever he said.

The original URLs for your files will never stop working he said.

sim file share cock up 2

Suffice to say those on Mod The Sims and elsewhere amongst the kewl kids who sneer at EA forum noobs, there was much responsorial clapping of paws and squeeing with glee.

sim file share cock up 3

Just a pity that after a mere three weeks the whole thing was down – including everyone’s files – for over a day because Delphy was otherwise occupied and there was no-one else there in place to get the matter sorted in his absence!

shakehead  point

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