Halosims – Two Fails For The Price Of One

trying to force simmers to listen to her favourite music

Not content with having one of those pretentious Terms Of Use that seem to be so popular amongst the Dimblr mob, Halosims has also chosen to hide the controls of the SCM Music Player – the bane of Dumblr in general – in a shitty attempt to force listeners to hear whatever crappy teen heartthrob she thinks is the ‘awesomest guy in the whole wide world ever and stuffz!’ in the mistaken belief that they will convert us into another fan.

What it actually achieves is putting us off the acts in question for life, and not just for Christmas.

As we mentioned before, automatic music players are the bane of our lives – and we’re thankful to those with the decent manners to give us the choice whether to listen or not.

Yes, yes, you can add scmplayer.net/*$domain=tumblr.com and tumblrplayer.com/*$domain=tumblr.com to your ad blocking software, the point is that you the viewer shouldn’t have to.

(Oh by the way, if you click on the ‘It’ of the above blog, it switches the f**ker off.)

Hosting custom content for Sims 3 – or anything else for that matter – does not give you some sort of automatic ‘right’ to throw up terms and conditions which are against EA’s for producing custom content for their game anyway (the rights belong to them – period!).

It is insulting¬≤ when you have just forced people to listen to your teeniebopper crap from this year’s manufactured clit-throb heart-throb without asking for their consent beforehand – basic good manners should be enough to make even the biggest bumnugget appreciate that clicking on the link to someone’s Simming blog or website should not have any sort of caveat lector attached to it.

manul says you displease me with your fail

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