Okay, We’ll Give You This One…

sim secret death match

slaplol  smiley-lol

Okay, a lot of the above you will never have heard of unless you happen to be a regular MTS/MATY/GoS reader and therefore probably a neurotic self-pitying deviant that fucks teddy bears but a good effort in any case.

Pity about the team ups. No way would Berrypie and MedleyMisty fight to the death. They’d tag team to murder the two in District 10, before despatching Hooptytrib. Sharkloverplayer and Plumb-Barb meanwhile would be in the middle of making wild passionate woo-hoo (they’re lovers, not fighters… FFS, Plumb-Barb makes Rory Gilmore – let along Berrypie – look like a bar-brawling crack whore…) whilst Barysaxy plays the saxaphone in the background.

Lauryl and Elysia would pick them all up – after running over the two in District 5 by hotwiring their battered white vans with ‘Free Candy!’ scrawled on the sides (reversing just to make sure, of course…) – in time to come and watch us committing the final harsh, yet fair abusements on Simguru Graham’s still twitching carcass as we read out solemnly his endless list of crimes against Simanity, his final vision to be seeing his own still beating heart being held up to his face upon a Sims 4 Limited Edition boxset so he can see how cold and black it is before his inevitable descent to Hell to answer to Satan and his minions for an eternity of broken patches and bugged games.

Strawberry Rotten would attempt to eat and then spit out his brains, cursing that in death as in life he was not fit for general consumption, whilst Skeletal Screams would offer the condemned’s heart to the Llama God before her altar – only for a disembodied voice to tell her it would rather have pizza instead.

Everyone would cheer, a huge flash party would break out amongst Simmers all over the world and we’d all live happily ever after.

We were a bit puzzled as to who this iCadSims is. The real puzzle however is that they are posting on their blog from the future.

Get a load of this:

sim secret death match 1

friendlyone20's dramatic dog resized

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