It’s The Mole Survivor Edition, TurnerSims3, But Is It Art?

the mole in a hole

Over on the EA forum, the umpteenth squillionth editon of The Mole has started (yes, yes, we know it’s only season five, but considering that its seasons tend to last longer than the bloody Mysterious Cities Of Gold it feels like forever…), and congratulations to TurnerSims3 and the rest of that motley crew for keeping it going since the 28th August 2011.

the mole in a hole 1

This time amongst other gruesome goodies the contestants find themselves pitted into two tribes (you’ve got the opening piano of that bloody Frankie Goes To Hollywood song going through your heads now, haven’t you?), one called Viperclaw and the other Bloodfang, which to be honest sound like character names in some godawful Watership Down clone with mustelids instead of rabbits or some furryfuckfic that Madame Lee probably knows word perfect…

… you know the sort – ‘Will Viperclaw avenge the death of his father at the hands of Bloodfang the Betrayer, prove himself worthy of the heart of Cornflower the Pure, find the Staff of Skcollob and bring truth to the noble land of Trafynnaf? Or will he get eaten first by next door’s cat?’

the mole in a hole 3

Oh well, at least Twiddle3 (who won it back in 2013) is impressed (does that duck indicate a Taffer is present?).

On the subject of dodgy artwork, it seems M13Vulpecula has been indulging…

the mole in a hole 2

… either that or she was merely proffering ideas for a patch to make Sims 4 look better. Sorry Vul, but you haven’t a chance – those colours look far too vibrant.

the mole in a hole 4

Hey, doesn’t that Misty’s Ouroboros story have a merge in it – usually at least once every episode?

Mares! Get your minds out of the gutter!

Shaddup Lauryl!

Speaking of which, has JKTee511 come up with a brand new innuendo of his own?

the mole in a hole 5

‘I am gonna call Smarties Smurts from now on.’

yewot  yewot

Smarties Smurts? What the plumbob’s that? Some new interaction for NRaas Industries Woohooer mod?

the mole in a hole 6

Better ask HayloHusky, he’s apparantly the one to blame for all this ‘smurty’ behaviour towards KingSmarties…

the mole in a hole 7

wag_finger  wiggle tongue

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