Is This The ONLY Criminal Record SimRomanov Was Behind?

is this the only criminal record sim romanov is behind

A welcome return for SimRomanov to Simming ways – even if it is Retchyl and the Slaphead’s folly version of it.

is this the only criminal record sim romanov is behind 1

Elsewhere, he’s none too pleased about our post about him back in June, but in his rebuttal has merely further given himself away, as he’s unmasked himself as the evil genius behind one of the biggest con tricks of the 20th century (and one which has strangely been largely forgotten):

No, we don’t mean the Trompe Le Monde album (although come to think of it…)!

is this the only criminal record sim romanov is behind 2

During the 1990s, a number of tabloid newspapers in the English speaking world posted adverts for a psychic called Sophros, promising winning lottery numbers to people who promised to spend it on ‘good causes’ – in return for £20!

Yes, you guessed it, the suckers who paid up never heard from him after parting with their cash like the fools they were!

No one was ever convicted for a crime which swindled millions of pounds worldwide. Sounds even more unbelievable than Sophros’ claims, but it happened.

What was even more remarkable was the Sophros adverts continued for six years unchallenged before anyone in the world’s media began to do any investigating (probably due to the very high advertising revenue being generated by the enterprise) – leading to a trail of murky advertising and P.R. sub-contracting companies in New York, London and Warsaw, which ended in a P.O. Box in…

New Zealand!

Explain that one away if you can, SR!

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