♫ Zagadoo-Doo-Doo, xBob18 Says It’s ‘Disagree’… ♪ (But Disagree With Simguru Drake, And You’ll Be Permabanned!)

zagadoo doo doo

Question is Purplepiper767, is xBob18 right?

Strangely enough, the question was being answered at the exact same time by JessicaSimston:

zagadoo doo doo 1

Simguru Drake explained the latest piece of EA thou shall not say anything negative newspeak bollocks finding its way onto the forum – suppose we should at least be thankful that the button doesn’t read ‘challenging’:

zagadoo doo doo 2

Yet the Agree button remains in English. Don’t suppose it has dawned on the Simgurus that having the same phrase for disagree across the forums regardless of language may be misinterpreted as a Simlish word for awesome amongst the polyglot members (after all, they banned disagree earlier because it was negative, so why would they bring it back with a silly Simlish name, doesn’t make sense does it?), with the result people could get negative reputations for posts people agreed with a lot!

shakehead  fryingpan

But this is the EA forum we are talking about, where the slightest dissent with anything the Simgurus do is ruthlessly squashed:

zagadoo doo doo 3

You will search for PurpleLiquorice’s original post in vain, because…

zagadoo doo doo 4

So seriously Simguru Drake, you banned someone that only joined this evening after a mere four posts for daring to disagree over the renaming of a forum button?

Anyone got the Simlish for ‘you freaking arsebucket’?

facepalmhy2  rant

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