Everything Stops For Tea (Including Serial Killing) At The Sims Daily

It’s been a long while since we last dropped in on the Sims Musketeers over at The Sims Daily because we’ve turned into such butt lazy sluts of other commitments, but they’ve certainly not been lost for things to do.

What sort of things you ask? Well for starters there’s been Tehdi taking Jason and Freddie Kruger to tea…

sims musketeers in august

yewot  yewot

To be fair, we suppose old Freddie is in need of some tea and sympathy after getting his arse handed to him on a plate by Alice last year!

sims musketeers in august 1

On less bizarre ground, Purzel has thrown down that old familiar favourite of the 10 x 10 challenge (you may remember Sims Forums‘ attempt at this back in 2012), which BluebellFlora would take the gold for if it was an Olympic event.

sims musketeers in august 2

Pah! Just wait for Heat33330 to show you all how it’s done with room to spare – ah, but we’re getting ahead of the story.

While Lilidebergerac and Deelightful were getting excited, Webbymom was getting a little too excited Pavlovian style.

sims musketeers in august 3

Although judging by her apology perhaps she’d been drooling over her latest bank statement on her long term investments.

sims musketeers in august 4

(British joke – you’ll not get it over in the rebel colonies!)

Meanwhile, the Sims Forums crossovers took a bizarre turn with the following outburst from Lemonjelly mimicking Cassie’s old catchphrase:

sims musketeers in august 5

She made her own contribution to the contest which was very pretty…

sims musketeers in august 6

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

sims musketeers in august 7

… although we did wonder whether the over a bed’s length distance between the bedroom and the toilet was some indication that the Simmie this was earmarked for is notorious for producing lethal dumps?

Oh yeah? And we suppose you two shit scented soap?
Shaddup, Lauryl!

But it was Heat33330 who rose the standard to a new level by utilising five levels above and one below for his take of the old Yuppie studio conversion that would look great in any urban Simming world map, especially if surrounded with some of Cyclone Sue’s lots.

sims musketeers in august 8

Urban drab on the outside, space for all the colourful clutter you want on the inside.

sims musketeers in august 10

He even has a garden and chicken coup on the roof.

sims musketeers in august 9

Webbymom was very impressed…

sims musketeers in august 11

… luckily though she appeared to have ran out of drool fuel by then!

wag_finger  wiggle tongue

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