Did Windows 10 Blow An Ill Wind For Windweaver’s Game?

A cautionary tale here from Windweaver on the dangers of a certain new little operating system Microsoft has been so anxious for us all to move over to.

windweaver's problems

Sindocat gave what was in all logic the correct answer – the old limited installations routine – but it seems the problems started when Windweaver made a certain ‘upgrade’…

windweaver's problems 1

We hear you LaBlue0314 – we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had to call EA Customer Services to be ‘allowed’ to install a game onto a new disk drive after the old click-click-whirr type drive did what hard disk drives from Yingtongland do the best – cough and die without warning. We’d appreciate the trying to stop piracy argument, but when there’s sites such as Games For The World openly pirating EA software and they do utterly zero about it, that line wore out years ago.

More worrying is whether this is a sign Windows 10 is spying on your computer on the behalf of other software manufacturers to make sure you have ‘authorised’ copies of software on your PC and crippling those it deems rightly or wrongly as not legitimate – the same sort of nonsense they tried to get away with Windows Media Player on users media files not so long ago…

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