Inna Minnit Is The Giddy Limit

Oh wonderful, a brand new bumnugget trying to tell Simmers in the Sims 3 section of the EA forum that Sims 4 isn’t a whale of fail…

inna minnit is the limit

Moonandsixpens gave a very good broadbrush overview (dodgy spelling of rabbit aside…) of what makes Sims 3 stand out from its woeful ‘successor’.

inna minnit is the limit 1

The strange part is that it was only after IreneSwift and SimKeats elaborated on the points Moonandsixpens touched up….

inna minnit is the limit 2

… that Inna Minnit only chose to pick up on their posts, largely ignoring what they said for pedantism.

inna minnit is the limit 3

IreneSwift was not going to let our last wannabe flame warrior off so lightly:

inna minnit is the limit 4

Once again, they ignored finding their arguments being torn to shreds and instead decided to try flaming the less patience Windely:

inna minnit is the limit 5

‘And I just see the riding in the car as another loading screen.’

manul says what is this FAIL above me

Cue a most elegant rebuff from Moonandsixpens (did they have three Shredded Wheat this morning or something?):

inna minnit is the limit 6

bravo  bravo

Along with Sindocat and JoAnne65 sending our wannabe flame warrior packing.

inna minnit is the limit 7

‘Really? So, how’s school?’

slaplol  thumb

Yes, this had all the hallmarks of some kid bored already with being back at school taking out their frustrations instead of getting on with their new term’s homework – but well handled by all!

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