Fear The Walking Dead? Fear The Pissed Off Vidkid20 More Like It!

On the EA forum, SimsLuvr90 has been trying to start discussions on the spinoff prequal to everyone’s favourite late night whilst getting pissed On Demand bingeathon…

… okay, okay, along with Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story and True Blood.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead

As you can see, save for Kiwi_Berry_Mangp, she’s not had many takers.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 1

Which if Viddie’s reaction over at Vidkid20’s Sim Lair is anything to go by is hardly a surprise, as it appears it’s the scripts which are undead rather than the characters!

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 2

Yes folks, it’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer time all over again – ultra successful show develops spin-off syndrome in the bit to squeeze some more return out of the initial investment at the behest of the advertisers, but the public vote with their feet and despite ‘special guest’ appearences the new short flops.

As Viddie put it, it’s all down to a manner of not treating the public like morons who will back anything lying around the studio dustbin so long as it is plagerising the original.

simsluvr90 on fear the walking dead 3

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