Lilyatwt – Not An Anagram (Despite Her Behaviour…)

Another day on the EA forum with another hyperdefensive Simmer having problems.

the saga of lilyatwt

‘I’m a 60 year old woman so don’t you dare insult my intelligence and computer knowledge.’

Oh yummy, a nice juicy granny! ***rings dinner triangle for the Jazz-Handers***

Igazor and TadOlson did their best to help:

the saga of lilyatwt 1

The strange part is that if she’s been having problems with her game, she’s not been exactly very forthcoming about it, having been registered on the EA forum since June 2011 and posting certainly since that December:

the saga of lilyatwt 2

For those wondering about her name, it’s not an anagram of Lily Twat, but a reference to the old US TV series ‘As The World Turns’ character of Lily Walsh.

From what we’ve researched, she’s a bit of a ‘special’ sort – think MadameLee when she hits her 60s and the doctors have given her enough happy pills to make her civilised without being gaga.

She actually has a WordPress blog called Sidewalk Movement that she abandoned back in 2013 – our favourite line (concerning her dog walking-training battles with her sister was this:

the saga of lilyatwt 3

This could be the Barbara Woodhouse the 21st century demands and deserves!

Although this one about her feud with her sister’s husband was equally illuminating:

the saga of lilyatwt 4

You see Bookygirl, you thought you were foul mouthed but really you’re just being retro!

the saga of lilyatwt 5

When it all gets too much for Lilyatwt, she likes nothing better as you can see than popping pills before spending time preoccupied with her clematis, admiring when it has grown to its maximum and posting photos of it and its surrounding bush on her blog.

Ah well, it takes all sorts we suppose!

yewot  wiggle tongue

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