Frankie At Mod The Sims’ Incorrectly Politically Correct Bumnuggetry

If there’s one thing that’s always pissed us off about Mod The Sims, it’s their members’ holier-than-thou smugness in relation to the rest of the Simming community at large and rather overblown sense of proportion to their place in the grand scheme of things. Nowhere is that more manifest than in their self-indulgent love of every ‘right-on’ cause like so many First World libertarian fascists.

Enter Frankie vomiting up that favourite of the Dumblrs, Guardian readers, arts students and the rest of the cappuchino bar set… the ‘gender neutral pronouns’ debate:

frankie at mts' pc bumnuggetry

The most common variations?

scratchhead  shakehead

‘Common’ gives way to the lie that what is about to follow is in any way familiar, rather than that of a micro-minority unheard of outside of academia.

Wait for it, here it comes…

frankie at mts' pc bumnuggetry 1

dizzy  dizzy

But what ghasted our flabbers so much was that the very next day, after the above load of PC-onanism, Frankie asks the following:

frankie at mts' pc bumnuggetry 2

‘I’ve been hearing/reading woman as an adjective more than ever: woman doctor, woman president, woman judge, etc.’

yewot  thatsit

‘This issue is important to me because I’m a writer.’

A writer for who? The National Inquirer?

Great plumbobs in custard, people stopped using ‘woman’ as a prefix (nb. it is a prefix in the above instances, not an adjective) to any regularity at the turn of the century at the latest – going the same way as the ‘-ess’ suffix as largely redundant for most day to day usage (eg. no more ‘manageress’). Maybe if you’d come out of your basement sometime over the last fifteen years you may – just may – have noticed. You strike us as out of touch – frighteningly so – with that day to day world which you hope to communicate with.

Unless of course the swinish multitudes are not high-brow enough for your highly advanced frontal lobe, in which case go right ahead knocking yourself out over Ne, Ve, Ze, Spivak (Spivak!?!?!?!) and the rest of the ragtag and bobtail of the great global political correctness circle jerkathon, most of whom have contributed the sum total of cuckoo spit to the advancement of learning, society or the world in their whole self-indulgent lives.

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