Here’s Your Answer, PralineSims

here's your answer pralinesims

The answer is there is no point making custom content for Sims 4 because there is an ever declining number of people who will be interested in custom content for it.

People are dropping away from it daily. The likes of GAME are already having to bundle Spa Day with Perfect Patio Stuff and Luxury Party Stuff – and sell it for under £30 to try and get someone, anyone to buy the f**kers.

Why the hell do you think Slaphead cut and ran? Read our lips – Sims 4 is KAPUT!

You want advice? Get your lovely asses back into Sims 3 custom content creation – after making a full Act Of Contrition, ‘oh my Plumbob, because you are so good, I am very sorry that I have Simmed against you.’ and remember how it felt once more to enjoy the true fruits of your hard labours from an appreciative Simming public.

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