Okay, So What On Earth Was This All About?

Now is the time to tell you all about a most curious affair this week.

so who the hell is michael bohmer

Back on 23rd August we received the above e-mail to our private e-mail address – wanting us to accept being included in someone we didn’t know from Plumbob’s ‘network’.

That was bad enough – those of you that have been with The Mare’s Nest for years know we’re bloody hell of a choosy who we talk to directly after being let down once too often ever since the first one we thought we could trust (Maddy444) proved that once a bumnugget, always a bumnugget.

What really puzzled us though was that it was for a LinkedIn address – the sort used for professional purposes for people wanting to advance their careers, not for social purposes.

What the hell was this guy’s game, we thought? Was he hoping that somehow having us in his ‘network’ was going to advance his career? Bloody hell, we’d have thought any links to us would be more likely to be the kiss of death, but never mind.

We did some searching around the net to try and get a back story to this geezer…

so who the hell is michael bohmer 1

… and we did notice he had a bit of a pop at Lazy Game Reviews back on New Year’s Day – Phreakindee you will remember having made positive noises about Sims 4 that were to come back and haunt him later.

so who the hell is michael bohmer 2

Okay, but it still didn’t explain why he wanted a Linkin link with us when we’ve not so much as exchanged two words together.

In true reticent British Isles fashion, we decided discretion was the better part of getting the message across – or least said, soonest hint taken.

But no. A mere five days later, this week on Friday 28th we got this:

so who the hell is michael bohmer 3

thatsit  thatsit

Now this is the part that made us a touch cross.

If you don’t get a response from us immediately it’s because we may have far more important matters to deal with in our real lives that matters pertaining to this blog which we do in our limited spare times. We’d expect this sort of impatient pushiness from some kid – a grown man ought to know better.

All it earned the above was this:

so who the hell is michael bohmer 4

Along with ‘marked as spam’  for both him and LinkedIn thereafter.

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