Dear Simlicious, Pleyita And The Rest Of Prickdom: TSR Won, You Lost, Get Over It

Any chance that Simlicious has changed the record since March time?

tsr won you lost get over it

‘It’s now even worse than when it was a paysite.’ Excuse us, but when are you going back to your own Cloudcuckoo dimension?

No surprise that the initial shitstirrer in all this was Peacemaker-ic of the failed Simmers Societythe ‘nice’ forum whose head cheeses turned out to be anything but once the polite veneer was scraped away.

It’s when they say ‘if I want huge download numbers, I’d rather go to Mod The Sims’ that you smell that old agenda rat squeaking.

For almost a decade, Pescado at More Awesome Than You (openly) and Delphy at Mod The Sims (by proxy) had been at war with thost at The Sims Resource because they never forgave them for refusing to let them on their great grand Gravy Train of The Job The Hobby The Hobby The Job – but we’ve already gone over that one before (which we’d been as polite as we could be under the circumstances until finally pushed too far in 2014).

For years and years they and their ilk told anyone who would listen how they were winning the ‘war’ against ‘paysites’ (by which they really meant The Sims Resource – since they’d no qualms about Blacky, Sandy and a host of others selling custom content too – only TSR and their affiliates were targetted) – only for TSR to remain very much alive, kicking, since for all their faults and occasional shitty treatment of their members still provided practical tools for gamers which were superior in terms of usage, accessibility and tutelage to anything the obnoxious-and-loving-it socio-sexual maladjusts of MATY and TSR could offer.

Two years after Pescado’s proxy arsebucket Coconut’s yellow press site TSR Must Be Destroyed went first quiet and then vanished after we’d hanged it out to dry as a vicious tissue of lies by scumbags who were trying to encourage the very hackers they were accusing TSR of being, the very much alive TSR ended pay for content.

That really ought to have been that, but here we are almost two years later and there are still some of you out there quite plainly wanting the ‘war’ to continue.

Don’t deny it. When you are spouting such complete and utter bumnuggetry as ‘it’s now even worse than when it was a paysite’ it’s pretty obvious that rationality has gone on holiday.

tsr won you lost get over it1

The much criticised adverts – the price paid for free downloads – are hardly of the sort which will have any reputable security software ringing alarmbells (and no, we don’t mean AVG or other ‘free’ virus checkers – if you have that horseshit installed into your computer you deserve all the viruses you can get for being a moron).

tsr won you lost get over it2

But for sheer dedication to fail on an epic scale, we have to hand it to Pleyita who went to absurd lengths over on Dumblr to blast the fiery trumpet against the monstrous regiment of TSR adverts.

He lost us within the opening paragraphs of his ‘testing’.

tsr won you lost get over it3

Using Internet Explorer is bad enough, but Google Chrome – provided by a company which is synonymous with selling on every morsel of detail of your browsing habits to all dubious manner of advertisers? Anyone would think you were specifically hoping to get dodgy adverts just to prove how evil TSR are.

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

tsr won you lost get over it4

That you did this only a few days after getting married is frankly beyond sad.

Let’s cut the crap and get down to the crux of the matter: ten seconds wait time for a download unsigned into The Sims Resource is still quicker and less risky than downloading from the likes of Jennisims, numerous Dumblrs and the whole ragtag and bobtail of the Meerketland mob who combine dodgy adverts on their websites with Adfly links for the bloody download which spawn at least two pop ups and a Continue After Five Seconds screen (with an all too often dubious advert which has most reputable anti-virus softwares screaming blue murder) when you click the Continue radio button after waiting through the longest five seconds in history.

And at least a TSR ten seconds is exactly that – not ten seconds plus VAT, service change and a compulsory charitable donation to Big Eyed Babies In Bechuanaland.

With Delphy’s new Simfile hosting service up, our nasty suspicious little minds are seeing it as being less of a coincidence that the TSR bashing has recommenced afresh from those who still cannot take it that their ‘side’ lost and will take any opportunity to take up arms again.

For the love of plumbob – drop it!

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