Switch On To September

Let’s have some duvet stuffers from Switch’s Silliness.

First up, spare a thought for all those on Dumblr who will currently be mourning the loss of Cloverstardropper’s old mega dubious nonce-friendly backdrop.

switch in september

By the way, are we the only ones cynically thinking that someone being given a bionic todger wouldn’t be settling for anything less than twelve inches (after all, it’s not like he’ll need to try walking with that in his underwear – he can stick it in a jar until he gets home).

Currently, Cloverstardropper is trying to live down the mortification of discovering that posting under a pseudonym doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they won’t use your more familiar one when replying:

switch in september 1

For those of you wondering what the hell Battle Chef Brigade is…

switch in september 2

‘The Great British Bake Off’ meets ‘Pokemon’ – words fail!

It does however have a groovy logo.

switch in september 3

We blame the parents:

switch in september 4

Well corrupted there, Switch – you’ll make Democrat voters of them yet!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Mind you, the way American politics is going…

switch in september 5

Boy is Mr ‘I’m A Genius’ going to be in for more omelette sur les visage come 2020:

switch in september 6

evilgrin  evilgrin

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