Corey785’s Lament For Past Bumnuggetry (Yeah, Sure, Heard That Old Song Too Often)

Well well well, another of the Ass Class of two years ago has reappeared – one assumes because his X-Factor dreams have taken a tumble since his balls have dropped with his voice.

corey785 accused of creating multiple accounts

(By the way, you’ll be glad to know that your past stalker – and that of all other ripe young boys on the EA forum – Innuendo19, etc. appears to have finally vanished for good, having either ran out of money or been subjected to a long overdue collaring by the police).

So according to yesteryear’s Pound Shop Windsor Erick, he’s been accused of running up multiple accounts for trolling. Let’s leave that part aside for a moment, for that part isn’t so much interesting as the fact that EA’s addendum to the accussation is to threaten to ban him if he does it again!

Like, what the plumbob? Haven’t this shower learned anything since the Sesert34 affair?  If they really think, there should be no second/third/fourth chances, just a simple order of the boot.

Mind you, considering the company he kept, perhaps it’s not surprising that he was suspected of being a flame warrior… ‘I am known to have put many trolls in their place’ – dear oh dear!

slaplol  slaplol

Not that Corey785 wasn’t averse to trolling himself, as some of you may remember from when he, Icy_Lava and Brookesaywhatx conspired to try and get Stickykisses banned from the forum by malicious reporting because she took them to task for bullying another poster.

Nope, don’t expect any sympathy from us, Corey Sobell. If Simguru Drake has any sense they’ll keep a close watch over you and boot your sorry ass out at the first sign of trouble – because fame whores never change.

(P.S. Simguru Duckdick, if anyone registers with the name Corey71699, that’ll be him as well)

wanker  wanker

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