Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop – Part 38

Yes, as promised, here we are again for the second time this week…

rotlics part 38 - titles

For those needing a recap…

Meanwhile, inside the Library of Lore & Vault of Antiquity, Rflong7/13 is getting an earful from HappySimmer3 after the World Explorers’ narrow escape:

rotlics part 38 - 1

‘Right Becca, you’ve got some explaining to do!’

‘Hey Tangie, calm down.’

‘Calm down? We were supposed to be chasing two of Aarin’s old Granny Eating goons looking to steal the Winterbottom Code, instead you managed to get Reggie, Pary and I almost killed from blundering into the middle of a badly meshed Dalek death squad from which we only escaped thanks to the sacrifice of a bunch of Harry Potter kids! I want the truth whether any of the madness we’ve discovered since landing has anything to do with what you were up to with Berrypie and Vigmid that you’ve not told us yet!’

rotlics part 38 - 3

‘Girls, girls, I’m sure Becca’s been open with us from the start, haven’t you Becca… Becca?’

rotlics part 38 - 4

‘Okay, okay, maybe I didn’t tell you the whole truth….’

rotlics part 38 - 5

‘They’re involved with Aarin again, aren’t they? That’s what you were keeping from us.’

***Sigh!*** Oh Reggie, you know me too well. I didn’t want you all worrying.’

‘Figured it out ages ago. Their involvement in the Sleeping Dragon revolt made it plainer than a Twinbrook Beauty Pageant winner they’re all still conspiring together for their Dark Mistress. You think Vigmed’s involved too, don’t you?’

rotlics part 38 - 6

‘He’s up to his neck in it – what do you expect from one of the Founding Fifteen?’

Founding Fifteen?

‘Aarin’s little gang of disciples who flocked immediately to her side after she turned rogue on the Simgurus. Everyone remembers the likes of Chyla, Zhivan, Moryrie, Reesaroo, Subucni, Velcroshoes, Lipgloss, Mcrashlee and Pollysim – but few remember Vigmed was No.7!’

rotlics part 38 - 7

Vigmed? A Granny Eater?

‘Yeah, Tangie. Same way Buddychead managed to scrub their jazz hands clean by becoming a Berry Sweet and Tygercat by becoming a Taffer, he became a Simaniac before his old besties came a cropper. ‘

‘Yes, well, hanging around Haiden’s awesome pecks does tend to cloud everyone’s judgement!’

‘Really Tangie!’

rotlics part 38 - 8

‘Hey girls, they’ve all gone! The fighting’s stopped – and apart from a few blown up Daleks, I can’t see any bodies. Looks like the kids saw them all off.’

‘Yeah Pary, or they retreated to regroup after encountering armed opposition they weren’t expecting. I don’t see Aarin’s little gang planning something as piecemeal as landing one attack force of Daleks. This will be only a first wave.’

rotlics part 38 - 9

‘Becca really, you’re so cynical…’

‘With good reason, Reggie. Most may have forgotten what Aarin and her Jazz Handers tried to do to the Simmie world, but not me – and with good reason. I always knew they were merely biding their time – you only have to see the way some of her old Twinbrook zombies took over two of my islands with help from Strawberry Rotten and that Cloverstardrop troublemaker!’

‘Becca, please, they…’

‘Look what else has been going on the last few years – Aarin and Chyla’s necromantic experiments in Twinbrook, conveniently nuked out of existence by Cloverstardrop just as the Simgurus were about to investigate their rumoured Lazarus Project – and when the town was restored by Twallan, who was the shock winner of the Mayor election? Zhivan Karst!’

‘Yeah Reggie, Becca’s right – and on the same day he won Chyla, Moryrie, Reesaroo were all spotted around Twinbrook!’

‘Mmmm, you’ve both got a point…’

‘If this is Aarin’s doing in the background you can bet this will be only a taste of what’s to come – we need to get out of here and warn the Simgurus fast – but we’ll also have to watch out for any of Aarin’s other old cohorts – and new ones –  as we head back to the Dear-Reg-ible, because if my worst fears are correct you can be sure they’ll be skulking around doing their mistress’ evil work again – and they’re not going to be too pleased to see us!’

rotlics part 38 - 10

‘Perhaps it would be best to wait in here at least until the sun comes up. It’ll be dawn soon, and anything nasty outside waiting on us won’t have the advantage of infra-red vision detectors or what else those Dalek things have. I can still hear the sounds of explosions nearby, so best to wait a little longer. Besides, I need at least two coffees before I fall asleep standing up!’

What the World Explorers didn’t know – and what might have changed their minds – was of the events which had gone on just outside of the Commonwealth Court an hour before…

rotlics part 38 - 11

‘There she blows, Reesaroo – the Commonwealth Court. Now let’s vary piracy with a little burglary – up, up, up we go to the bell tower, and hopefully our rightful reward to all our endeavours.’

‘I take it we’re going in the back door way?’

rotlics part 38 - 12

‘You bet we are, sneaking in the back door way like Joey – I always prefer the rear entrance.’

‘Yes, I seem to remember a certain Jazzer rather liked that too…’

‘Keep it clean, you deckswabbing powdermonkey! You’d better whip your pistol out – I’m already prepared to make a penetrating thrust at anything soft and fleshy which gets in my way.’

‘Now who’s the one needing to keep it clean?!’

rotlics part 38 - 13

‘Easy as π that back lock, and without hitting off any tripwires into the bargain. What d’ya think, First Mate, the stairs or the elevator?’

rotlics part 38 - 14

‘The stairs of course, we could easily get trapped in a lift, either from a break down or from running into someone when the doors open – Moryrie, will you stop rushing out in front, we need to talk!’

rotlics part 38 - 15

‘It’s Captain Moryrie ter you, First Mate – an’ we can keep talking while on the move. The faster we are, the less our chances of being caught!’

‘No Moryrie, this is serious – stop! – STOP!’

‘Alrightalrightalright – sheeesh! What is it? You need to go to the bathroom again?’

No, not that – um, actually, now you come to mention it, these leopard print spandex are playing havoc with my…’

‘Might have known – just down to the right here, you’ll…’

‘No wait a minute, that’s not why I wanted you to stop – LISTEN!’

‘Alright, don’t pee your pants about it – what’s wrong?’

rotlics part 38 - 16

‘Don’t you find it worrying that we got in so easily? A little too easy?’

‘The world just can’t handle our awesomeness. That is all.’

***Sigh!*** That there’s no security guards around at the least? Whoever heard of a City Hall without twenty four hour security on site?’

‘Meh! Probably they put it out to private tendering, and it’s all done by CCTV.’

‘Okay, where’s the cameras? I never noticed any covering that door we just lockpicked.’

‘Concealed. Look, we need to hurry, because the moment that private company spots us on their…’

I’ve not finished, Moryrie.’

Captain Moryrie.’

‘Alright, Captain Moryrie, if it means I can finish without interruptions! Didn’t you find it strange the way everywhere apart from the Red Velvet lounge appeared to be deserted? No traffic, no pedestrians, nothing?’

‘Yeah, so you said earlier…’

‘It’s more than that. The only streetlights operating are around the Commonwealth Court – all the others appear to be off – and in case you appear to have forgotten JKTee511 Parrot still hasn’t shown up. Aren’t you in the least suspicious his failure to return means there’s something more sinister going on around Moonlight Falls tonight?’

‘More sinister than us you mean – heh!’

‘A lot more sinister than us!’

rotlics part 38 - 17

‘Okay, it had crossed my mind when we were walking over.’


‘This diary of events for Moonlight Falls here – see for yourself, there was supposed to be a big banquet here tonight for Spooky Night. Does this place look to you like it’s been hosting anything? Like you said, the roads should have been busy as well around the Commonwealth Court, not completely empty. In fact, except for the Red Velvet Lounge, this town looks like it’s had itself an early night!’

‘So you have been worried too…’

Arrrrr, what do ya take me for? But just because something looks like a trap, doesn’t mean tah say yer supposed to sail away from it! Where’s yer pirates’ sense of adventure and daring?’

‘Left back on the boat with my snuggly duvet and my favourite cocoa mug – where I want to be right now instead of running around at this godunearthly hour, do you know what time it is?’

rotlics part 38 - 18

‘Time we headed for the bell tower before anyone else gets here. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and whatever anyone else may have planned, we’ll stay one step ahead of them.’

rotlics part 38 - 19

‘Alright, alright, we’ve come this far. Can’t we at least get some coffee first?’

‘We’re bound to pass by one of those vendors as we search through the building, you can grab one on the go.’

‘Rrrrrrr, better find one soon.’

Quarter of an hour later…

rotlics part 38 - 20

‘Heh! They’re quite good actually for street theatre.’

‘Moryrie – what the blazes are you on about?’

‘Oh, a bunch of kids in Harry Potter get up fighting with some other Simmies dressed up as Daleks. Sort of daft stuff I remember Berrypie told me she used to see at the Cosplay conventions. I heard the noise and so had a look out of the window in case it was the police. Very realistic – I’m assuming the Dalek cosplayers are shooting spells to make it look like Dalek death rays. Pity they copied those bloody awful blueprints of Aikea-Guinea that makes them look like they were made with paper mâchè.’

rotlics part 38 - 21

‘Hey lazyass, you were the one that was telling me about hurrying up – come on and find us that door up to the bell tower, damn you!’

‘Ah come on, have a look out of the window with me – it’s really good what they’re doing. Shame really there’s no one out to watch, they must have been hired in entertainment who were late arriving and have decided to do their street performance regardless – real troubadours out there.’

‘You can throw them a sodding Simoleon when we get out of here – it’s our performance in here which matters.’

‘Have you found anything yet?’

rotlics part 38 - 22

‘Only a lot of locked rooms, and one unlocked meeting room full of official files about Commonwealth Court business, Mayor of Moonlight Falls doings, and a bunch of solar and celestial charts for some reason. Funny place to have that sort of thing, wouldn’t you say? That’s more what you’d expect to see down at a science centre, Moryrie… MORYRIE, ARE YOU LISTENING?’

‘I’m in the floor above you. There’s a set of stairs through the door on your right.’

‘It’s locked! I tried it earlier!’

rotlics part 38 - 24

‘Well I came down and unlocked it five minutes ago before going back to watch the street theatre. Go up the stairs, follow the second corridor and look for the set of stairs upwards beside the barred doors which I’ve just opened up.’

rotlics part 38 - 23

‘Moryrie, I swear I’m going to murder you – I’ve been down there, wasting all that time, while you…’

‘Didn’t want to disturb you in case you found something interesting. Don’t worry, everything’s sorted.’

rotlics part 38 - 25

‘SORTED? What d’you mean?’

‘Behold! This is the safe deposit storage rooms of the Commonwealth Court – where some of the most precious valuables of Moonlight Falls antiquities have been stored since the days of Gilbert Winterbottom.’


rotlics part 38 - 26

‘… it’s EMPTY!’

‘That’s right. Much as I expected it to be.’


‘King Henry Tapuwhai of the Pasimfic Empire’s agents have been busy.’

‘Tapuwhai? That fat old sot from Niua Simoa that had a meltdown on the telly a few weeks back?’

‘He’s no Haiden, that’s for sure!’

rotlics part 38 - 27

‘And you knew about this? You knew we’d be coming all this way for nothing? That we were going to be too late?’

‘Do pay attention Reesaroo – remember when I said it was the bell tower we would be going to?’

rotlics part 38 - 28

‘Oh, yeah, of course. Duh! So the point of us wasting time in here exactly is – what?’

‘I just thought you’d be amused by seeing all the trouble others are still going to in order to break the Winterbottom code – and to show you why those World Explorers have been so persistent in their pursuit of us fearing we were out to do the same.’

‘Eh? You’re sticking up for them now?’

rotlics part 38 - 29

‘Gotta be fair to them, they’re right in thinking there’s a lot of very desperate and very nasty characters out there trying to get their mitts on what old Winterbottom left behind for all the wrong reasons. Look who we’ve encountered so far – Evil One working on behalf of Vigmed, that Cloverstardrop douche snooping around Twinbrook who works for the Lonely Islanders, and if the news reports are right there’s the Berry Sweets, NRaas Industries and those Simguru schmucks all in the race – never mind all those agents of the Pasimfic Empire and their hirelings! The World Explorers and the Moonlight Falls police department are the least of our worries!’

‘What? Half the planet’s after it too? Can you think what’s going to happen the second they know they’re about to lose the race to us? That’s when the trouble is really going to start!

‘Arrrrr, that’s why I’ve been so very careful from the start to make sure we weren’t being tailed or leaving any trails.’

‘So how did the World Explorers find us here?’

‘They followed us when the Hogan’s Deep Sea Diner raised anchor from Champs Les Sims bay. Knew it was them – who else but Writin’ Reg travels around in the world’s largest inflated condom?’

‘Wha… you let them?’

‘Oh yeah – although I didn’t bargain on them coming into the Red Velvet Lounge earlier. Listen Reesaroo, before the end of all this they’re gonna come in handy, they’re gonna come in very handy indeed!’

‘I suppose it would be too much to expect you to let me in on the reason why?’

‘And spoil the surprise?’


rotlics part 38 - 31

‘So you knew someone would rob here next, Moryrie?’

‘I’m rather disappointed it’s taken this long – although there’s no telling whether this was before or after Fat King Henry Tapuwhai was cleared out in turn. But I’m betting he was the one behind this – looks to be his style, steal the lot, just in case there’s something that turns out to be important or can be ransomed back.’

‘Let’s hope there was a year’s worth of diet pills and hair restorer in his booty haul.’



rotlics part 38 - 30

‘Look at it – not so much as a Alsimharan hairpin left behind.’

‘It does seem rather excessive and not at all professional like ourselves…’

rotlics part 38 - 32

‘Yeah, well see the way you felt when you first came in here only to find everything gone – that’s what far too many natives across the world felt like after they’d had a visit from Winterbottom and his ilk….’

rotlics part 38 - 33

‘… upset, angry beyond words, and with a thirsty desire for revenge on the one responsible. That’s what I think happened to old Winterbottom in the end – the same as happened to many such treasure hunters. That’s the part they don’t tell you in their books of daring-do. One trip to a location too many for the locals’ sensitivities. One wrong local Simmie employed to help ransack that one tomb too far, and one of these treasure chests brought along to haul in the booty ends up becomes your coffin…’

‘So what about all your earlier talk back in Champs Les Sims about curses and the like.’

‘Oh I don’t discount that. But it helps to keep a rational and somewhat cynical mind – especially whenever there’s something sinister afoot. All too often the causes of evil are all too easily explained – money, religious fanaticism, lust for power – nothing at all to do with the supernatural…’

rotlics part 38 - 34

‘… but come, old friend. Now it’s time for us to meet our own destiny, at the break of an autumn dawn in the bell tower of the Commonwealth Court.’


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