Switch Has A Switch (Or… From Maisie Williams To Jennifer Connolly In One Easy Lesson!)

Yes, whilst some have forsaken Sims 3, Cloverstardropper is keeping the faith, and has decided that it’s time for a new Simself:

Switch's latest simself

Yep, out with the Arya Stark look and in with Jennifer Corvino in Phenomena look with a Springer Spaniel perm.

Twenty filters? How on earth did you have the patience?!?

Hmmm, only problem with that look Switch is you’re going to have to learn to love bumble bees now:

Switch's latest simself 1

‘What? Nicholas Cage freaked out when he was in a cage of bees for The  Wicker Man? What a wuss! To think they modelled every Sims 2 Simmie on him!’

Oh, and ladybirds, corpse flies, and everything else that crawls… but let’s not talk about those people still hanging around the gifting section of the EA forum.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Elsewhere, she’s succumbed to Skyrim, and is discovering the delights of those parts of the game which prove to be not all they’re cracked up to be.

Switch's latest simself 2

slaplol  smiley-lol

You forgot to mention also having a rumble in King Olaf One-Eye’s crypt, only to have to meet him again in Sovngarde, where he’s all ‘yeah, you kicked the crap out of me, robbed my tomb, and part wrote a poem making me out to be a but hey we’re bros.’

dizzy  dizzy

Mind you, a lot of that is due to Skyrim‘s tendency to lull you into a false sense of security for later, but that’s another tale for another time…


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