One For The Writin_Reg Haters

There’s been a certain – person – for want of politeness… albeit toilet scraping vermin is perhaps a tad more accurate – who has a bit of a problem towards someone that has been with the Simming community for some time, and has been barfing off about it on Sim Secret over the past few weeks (sure to delight the various MTS/MATY/GoS snark kiddies…)

writin_reg is awesome deal with it 1

(Oh by the way, it appears to be someone with a problem with Sharkloverplayer, who like them both has been around since the Sims 2 days – if that should be of any aid to pinpointing said rat in the future…)

So with regard to the new Awesome button we spoke about yesterday in mind…

writin_reg is awesome deal with it 2

Not bad going for under a week of its operation – approximately forty six awesomes per day.

Read that and weep, detractors.

Or in other words…

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