Everything Stops For Tea – Except Sims 3

Over at Tea For Sims, Spookyscones is getting her priorities right.

everything stops for tea

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We can help her with her next conundrum:

everything stops for tea 1

The artistic side of us has never bothered to ask for permission, for the quite simple reason that they are not doing it for any money and they always link what they are doing to the person’s own website so if anyone wants real life versions (or simply wants to see what else they’ve done) they can get in touch with the original artist and earn them some more cash.

It’s a whole lot simpler than trying to get permission and explaining what Sims 3 is to what are more often than not a suspicious artistic community seeing being ripped off at every time (understandably, as anyone that’s had to deal with galleries and agents knows) – the old literary adage of show don’t tell always works applied for the visual arts.

It also avoids having to deal with mammon fixated agents who may not be acting in the manner their client actually wishes …

For the artists concerned they recognise it at once as a good laugh as well as good hype – basically the same reaction bands such as Half Man Half Biscuit, Sisters Of Mercy and the Waterboys had towards the t-shirts and other stuff here (and those of Ian Dury and the Blockheads over at Jazz-Hands).

As a worked example, see what happened when Jazz-Hands did Alesko Exitman (whose artwork looks brilliant in a Sims 3 context) – and check the comments!

Don’t be afraid to try doing it with your own artwork – as you can see from what was made using Cloverstardropper’s ambient digiart photo stuff (sort of a visual version of Blanck Mass) you can get some damn good large size pics that make for excellent wall sized murals for that converted loft or trance club for your Simmies.

Experiment. Desaturate and oversaturate the colours. Invert. See what works and what doesn’t when transferred to a Sims 3 environment. But above all, don’t fear failure – if something sucks it takes all of fifteen minutes tops to try something else.

everything stops for tea 2


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