Frogsnack Likes A Challenge

It’s probably been asked a billion times, but Frogsnack is new to the EA forum.

frogsnack likes a challenge

Rodjohn likes what we refer to as the Game Of Life challenge.

frogsnack likes a challenge 1

TreyNutz prefers the hundred baby challenge, which makes us wonder whether their name is a medical complaint for male Simmies involved in such a challenge, whilst Br560 prefers the old fashioned ‘rags to riches’ challenge.

TheSimsFan96 prefers Gurra’s (of the late lamented Custom Sims amongst other places…) famous Isle Of The Midnight Sun challenge.

frogsnack likes a challenge 2

Our favourite Sims 3 challenge? Reinstallation and patch updating without murdering anyone in the process.

rant  evilgrin

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